TEC Full Rider Foot Peg, Brake & Gear Lever Assembly – Interceptor 650


This kit fully replaces your rider foot pegs, gear & brake levers.

Allows full adjustment for your foot position, giving you the ability to fine tune it to perfectly fit your riding style.

All parts are made from CNC alloy.

Drastically improved aesthetics over the basic looking OE levers.

Hundreds of different positions for your feet.

The kit includes:

Adjustable CNC alloy gear lever

Adjustable CNC alloy brake lever

Adjustable CNC alloy foot peg kit

Optional 40mm adjustment range arm can be included.

A discount is included in the price for buying as a full kit.

See fitting video:


Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Keith Dowey
Good, but could be better.

The footpeg relocators do what they are designed for, however there is quite a bit of material requires removing, to make them fit.
They are well made, but are expensive, having said that they make the ride more comfortable and move the pegs away from your shins when feet are down.
So in summary are they good? Yes, Are they expensive? Yes, Do you have to do modifications to fit them? Yes, Would I buy them again? Yes as I have a limited degree of knee bend.
Tec should probably make the footpeg mounting bracket slightly narrower, for a better fit and make the slot for the spring slightly narrower to maintain the material thickness.

Barry Hughes
Adjustable footrest kit

As with my other purchases from Tec Parts delivery was immediate, the design, manufacture and quality of the footrest kit is 1st class. I had a few self inflicted issues but Tec Parts have been excellent in their customer support and helped me put things right in a manner that impressed me. Highly recommended supplier.

Teddy Web
If only Tec made the castings !

The Tec foot pegs, brake & gear lever arrived double quick and fitting the brake and gear lever was a doddle. Unfortunately the foot pegs didn’t quite fit into the castings.
I emailed TEC wondering if I should grind a wee bit off the pegs, they got back to me very promptly suggesting I shave a sliver off the casting.

I’m no mechanic but I do own a boiler suit and a grinder. I followed their advice and now everything fits a treat.

Aesthetically the whole kit is a massive improvement, IMHO, customer service was faultless, If only Tec made the castings !

Ross Elder
Great product, fitment requires some work

Great quality part, improves the looks of the bike massively and gets around the awkward OEM footpeg positioning problem.

Will say fitting required some work (most likely bad RE tolerances from the factory). TEC Footpegs were 20mm wide and the OEM bracket & footpeg is 19mm on my interceptor (and wasn't straight). Wouldnt fit so had to file 1mm off the footpeg so they would fit (see pic)

Also had to use a drill bit on the TEC brake lever as the hole wasn't large enough for the bolt (30 second job)

All in all great product by TEC once again.

John Bridges
TEC peg kit

Quality product, excellent fit, quick delivery