TEC Full Rider Foot Peg, Brake & Gear Lever Assembly – Interceptor 650


This kit fully replaces your rider foot pegs, gear & brake levers.

Allows full adjustment for your foot position, giving you the ability to fine tune it to perfectly fit your riding style.

All parts are made from CNC alloy.

Drastically improved aesthetics over the basic looking OE levers.

Hundreds of different positions for your feet.

The kit includes:

Adjustable CNC alloy gear lever

Adjustable CNC alloy brake lever

Adjustable CNC alloy foot peg kit

Optional 40mm adjustment range arm can be included.

A discount is included in the price for buying as a full kit.

See fitting video:


Customer Reviews

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Royal enfield interceptor adjustable foot pegs

As always tecbike parts have given me an amazing service, parts arrived very quickly, very well packed and the quality of the pegs and gear and brake levers excellent, took my bike for a 100 mile ride and it felt like a totally different bike much better than with the standard pegs and levers. Recommend them. Thank you tecbike. 😁

Feels 'right'

The Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 is a great bike, except for 3 things:
The footrests are just in the wrong place, put your feet straight down and the pegs are on your shins; most uncomfortable!
The rear brake lever is a fiddling little thing, easily missed by the foot. I bolted a plate to mine to make it easier to find but it didn't look very pretty.
And finally, that gear lever would be fine if you rode the bike in flip-flops but I found it hard to winkle a motorcycle boot under it for an up-change.
The TEC Full Rider Foot Peg, Brake & Gear Lever Assembly solves all these niggles at a stroke. I was amazed at how little it took to get the foot pegs off my shins. I opted for the 20mm kit and set them forward and slightly down and that was enough for a perfect placement for me. I set the gear lever operating peg in the rearmost position for my size 8s and my up-changes are now easy and slick. The TEC brake lever is un-missable with its two operating pegs and looks so much smarter than my home-made bodge! I am also very pleased with the way the kit looks. I always felt that the Interceptor's standard foot controls looked like an after thought. A cheap let down for a great bike. The TEC kit is so much more in keeping. I have now ordered the TEC pillion footrests to match!

Love the foot pegs. Hated the installation.

(from my email 0n 26FEB21)
Brake Lever - The hole in the brake level I have was too small for the stock RE clevis pin. It would just not go through the hole in the lever (see photo 1). Ran a 6.5mm drill bit through the hole and all sorted.

Foot Pegs - The foot pegs would not fully slot into the mounting bracket on either side. The holes for the pivot pin would just not line up to allow the pin to pass through. Tried passing a Phillips screw driver through to align but no joy. Examination of the mount bracket showed that the foot peg shoulder was marring the mount bracket jaws (see photo 2)

To resolve I resorted to taking the angle grinder with a worn flap disc and shaving the surface on the lower and upper bracket jaws. Shave - Try to fit - Shave - until the pegs would slot in and the pivot pin would pass through. Also had to shave some off of the shoulder of the foot pegs as well so they would fold and spring back as they should. Also rounded the pivot pin slightly to make insertion easier - the return spring wasn’t making things easy. (See photos 3-6)

Got there in the end. Love the foot pegs and the brake lever. Quality and finish is excellent. They look great on the bike (just need to touch up the right peg as that one was the hardest to fit). Would probably get the 40mm if I was to order again as I'd like them a bit lower.

Fitting issues more than likely down to the RE’s less than exacting casting tolerances.

Great parts

I have just received my Intercepter foot peg extenders with brake and gear peddles, over the moon with them and the speed of delivery, great

Another nice add-on for the Interceptor from TEC

Well made, nicely finished and with an impressive range of adjustment, I can highly recommend this footpeg and lever kit.The first position I set them in (in a hurry, intending to fine tune them later) was ideal for me and, by chance, moved the pegs far enough so that they are just not in the way of your legs when stationary instead of just being in the way as the standard pegs are. I will say that the pegs are fiddly to fit though this is more due to the springs than the footpegs themselves