From January 1st 2021 the United Kingdom has left the EU.

This will affect our sales to any customers in the EU.

Customers within the UK and from outside the EU will be unaffected.

Before Brexit, all EU customers were paying UK VAT (Value Added Tax) on purchases from us.  This is no longer the case.

Our website is designed to show you the correct price based on your location.  If you are in the UK, it will show the a price including VAT.  If you are outside the UK, it will exclude the VAT from the listing price.

It does this through a function called Geolocation, if you have blocked Geolocation via your browser, the correct price will be shown once you enter your shipping address.

EU customers will now pay VAT (on arrival) on orders from us at their country’s standard rate.  We are not tax professionals so cannot advise you on the exact tax amount to be paid.  We recommend checking with your local authority to find the tax rate and if there are any exclusions.

IMPORTANT – The VAT will be paid by the EU customer and collected by the shipping agent/courier before delivery.  It is vital you provide an accurate phone number and email address as this will be used to collect the tax.  If they are unable to contact you on the provided contact details and the parcel is returned to us, we may not refund the shipping fee.

Due to the additional work to dispatch parcels to Europe, it may take longer to dispatch than it previously did.

It is highly likely that any orders leaving the UK will be subject to additional delays whilst the post and border services adapt to the new systems in place.  We apologise in advance if this affects you.

RETURNS – All returns sent back to us from outside the UK must be marked as a return and given a nominal value, otherwise we will be charged customs to receive the item.  In this circumstance we will not pay the customs and the item will be returned to you.  This will be avoided if marked as a return and given a nominal value.