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Tec Bike Parts, a family-run business

Founded in 1990 by George Milburn – an automotive engineer with over 40 years’ experience – TEC Bike Parts is a family-run business based in Northumberland, a region with a long history of the Milburn clan.

But unlike our border reiving, sheep-rustling ancestors, bikes are our mischief. We design and make parts to personalise your bike and improve its performance: to run better, look better, and – most importantly – ride better.

Join our YouTube and Instagram communities for regular peeks into our workshop, and to see bikes built with TEC from all over the world!

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Limited Edition TEC Stickers

September 18, 2019
To celebrate our latest evolution: the launch of this brand new website, we've released a slick new sticker collection. They're ideal for emblazoning bikes, toolboxes, and garage walls. Grab your own with new orders from the shop, and keep an eye out for more TEC merchandise coming soon!
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August 30, 2019
It’s an exciting time for the Royal Enfield, with more new generation bikes arriving with their new owners each week! We love ours, and have already been inspired to develop a healthy range of TEC upgrades. To mark our new products we have published a supplementary brochure featuring a specialised Royal Enfield parts list. We’re sending them out with all RE orders, or you can read online at ...
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