TEC Alloy CNC Adjustable Gear Lever – Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 – Black or Silver


This TEC custom gear lever replaces the very basic looking OE steel lever which offers no adjustment.

CNC alloy construction.

6 adjustable peg position combinations.

Can be longer or shorter than the OE lever.

The operating tip can be mounted in 6 different reach positions.

Ideally used in conjunction with our matching adjustable alloy CNC rider foot peg system. Also available as a full kit.

Comes in Black or Silver.

See our fitting video:


Customer Reviews

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TEC Alloy Gear Lever

Great looking and well made Lever to replace the stock item.
Very easy to install.
I would recommend fitting some Wedge Washers (if required) as they bring the new lever in nice and tight.

I am very happy with all the parts I have purchased from TEC parts. They are great to deal with.

Highly recommended even impressed a Triumph Owner!!

CNC black gear lever

Easy to fit good quality but i had to remove gear lever peg to grind the knuerling smooth because it was cutting in to my boots.once i did that it is fine would recomend

6'2'', BIG FEET - What a difference!!

Nearly al the motorcycles I have owned over the past 40 odd years have had gear shifters that are too short for my size 13 feet! The RE 650 Interceptor was no exception, after carrying some measurements on my own particular bike I established that the stock gear lever was 14 cm toe peg to pivot center to center. Tec provided me with dimensions for this kit which provides options at 19.7 cm,18.5 cm,17 cm, 15.5 cm 14 cm, 12.8 cm, using a combination of lever and included extension piece. In the end, after a little adjustment, I found that last hole, on the Tec lever (without extension piece) was the optimum position for me. I did have to remove (dremel) some ally from the footrest hanger to allow the lever to clear on upshift at the height I had set. What a difference this has made. It is also a vast improvement on the appearance, fit and finish of original parts. The brake lever fitted very easily with no problems, and provides superior rear brake operation and comfort. Probably the best 90 odd quid I have spent on my Interceptor, and it looks a lot better than the stock RE offering. I did consider full kit, but I rather like the stock pegs, and it was not required for my personal application. Thanks TEC!! Arrived within a couple of days.

Top quality

Super quality and very easy assembly

Level jump

Great design of these pieces, easy assembly, the y look great on the bike, fast shipping and no problems in Customs, thank you.