Fuel booster plug – Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 & Continental GT 650

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Do you find your bike prone to stalling at low engine speeds, lack of throttle response and a lumpy feel to your motor?

Have you fitted a free flow exhaust and worried about it running too lean?

Then this plug and play device will resolve these problems without the need to re-map you ECU.

Fits the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650 ONLY

Modern EFI bikes especially Euro 4 run very lean in open loop mode and this can cause stalling, poor running and hesitant acceleration.

This fuelling device interrupts the signal from the air temp sensor and modifies it to make the ECU add approx 4-6% more fuel during acceleration in open loop mode, it will not affect MPG as it has no effect in closed loop mode ie. cruising mode or steady running. The device has its own temp sensor and it modifies the signal to release the correct amount of fuel for the measured air temperature.


22 reviews for Fuel booster plug – Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 & Continental GT 650

  1. Peter Baker (verified owner)

    Works well in conjunction with the DNA filter and de-cat silencers. I didn’t notice a significant increase in acceleration but the engine is much smoother and the exhaust does not pop any more on the overrun.

  2. Robin Putman (verified owner)

    I’ve used TEC for various parts for both my RE 650GT and Himalayan and have found them prompt and very helpful.

  3. ROD WILLIAMS (verified owner)

    very good product cleans up throttle response 100%.also very informative video on the product and fitment.

  4. Gregory L. (verified owner)

    I watched Matt’s post on YouTube
    and thought I would give it a try
    The dispatch and travel time to me Australia was impressively fast
    Easy enough to install, but after looking at it, I’ve come up with my own twist on installation, which I think looks professional
    After riding my bike a few times now since fitting the booster plug, I have noticed a big improvement at low speed manoeuvring and the big is way better on initial throttle opening, a lot more responsive and easier to ride.
    So in summation an excellent result and I would recommend it

  5. Colin (verified owner)

    Better than cool.

  6. Paul L. (verified owner)

    The service is very good. The item works perfectly as described. Simple install. The Bike runs smoother for sure.

  7. Vishesh T. (verified owner)

    This along with the DNA air intake system is the base performance upgrade anyone should start with. The idle and pull from stop is so refined. Perfect for cruising and city rides.

  8. Philip Edwards (verified owner)

    Great product – really noticed a huge difference at low revs. Engine much smoother, pickup is stronger and altogether the engine just feels healthier! Oh, and it’s a doddle to fit…

  9. Martin R. (verified owner)

    Very Quick spot on

  10. Barry (verified owner)

    Having fitted straight-through “silencers” & DNA air filter, I was worried that the bike might be running too lean, so the booster plug seems to be the simplest solution. Don’t make the same mistake as me & waste an hour disconnecting the wrong plug! Correct two-pin white plug was hiding under the frame cross-member.

  11. David F. (verified owner)

    Ordered this part as I have the TEC full flow air filter and adaptor plate and have also fitted aftermarket pipes.Postage time to Australia was great and fitting was super easy.Not too worried about any increased performance although it is more responsive down low,was more about not running too lean,especially here in OZ.

  12. cliff (verified owner)


  13. Karl Allen (verified owner)

    Quick delivery to Australia product as advertised. Was easy to fit with the clear direction that came with product. Also UTube video helped. I do recommend this company.

  14. Mike Williams (verified owner)

  15. M. V. (verified owner)

    Not tested yet, Quick delivery

  16. Andy B. (verified owner)


  17. David INCLAN (verified owner)

  18. william brown (verified owner)

    Very impressive delivery time for an overseas customer. The booster plug could not be easier to install and makes a huge difference. Much more responsive acceleration giving the feel of much more control on the bike.

  19. Ian Fieldhouse (verified owner)

    First Class service, 100% Recommend. Thank you.

  20. Patrick D. (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Even a mechanical dummy like me fitted it in two minutes. Once on I went for a ride and the difference was obvious. The bike accelerated better, any snatchiness was practically gone and strangely, the gear change was so much more slicker!
    A really great product that works well with my aftermarket exhausts and DNA filter. A win win product.

  21. Steve Harvey (verified owner)

    Very pleased

  22. Russell B. (verified owner)

    Ordered on 2/6 arrived 26/6,not bad to NZ in these times.Easy install,bike sounds and feels crisper.Very Happy.

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