Fuel booster plug – Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 & Continental GT 650


Do you find your bike prone to stalling at low engine speeds, lack of throttle response and a lumpy feel to your motor?

Have you fitted a free flow exhaust and worried about it running too lean?

Then this plug and play device will resolve these problems without the need to re-map you ECU.

Fits the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650 ONLY

Modern EFI bikes especially Euro 4 run very lean in open loop mode and this can cause stalling, poor running and hesitant acceleration.

This fuelling device interrupts the signal from the air temp sensor and modifies it to make the ECU add approx 4-6% more fuel during acceleration in open loop mode, it will not affect MPG as it has no effect in closed loop mode ie. cruising mode or steady running. The device has its own temp sensor and it modifies the signal to release the correct amount of fuel for the measured air temperature.

Will NOT work with Euro 5 models as they have anti-tamper built into the ECU, please do NOT try to fit to Euro 5.


Customer Reviews

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Nicasio Ocampo Jr
Booster Plug

As Posted. Happy Engine! Highly recommended product!

Christopher Glynn
Works like a charm

I've basically bought everything for the interceptor over the last two weeks from tec. Full big bore system, booster plug, DNA filter kit, brake and clutch levers, lighting kit, chain guard, wedge washers, front indicator adapter kit, gear lever. All have been fantastic quality and delivery has been quick. I honestly can't fault Tec! Looking forward to more parts that come out, hopefully a number plate bracket as the rear light from the kit means the number plate is too far away from the light. Keep the great work coming guys!

Farish Anvardeen
Booster plug

Great stuff! Bike is way smoother and better power delivery at lower rpm, without the sluggish feeling. My RE GT650 feels more powerful and responsive. Complements my aftermarket exhaust and air filter. No sacrifice noticed on fuel consumption.

Mike L
Excellent product

I took my Interceptor out for a few hours this morning after fitting the booster plug during the week. I bought it as I’ve already upgraded to a DNA filter and Stinger exhaust and it felt that whilst I have more power, the bike felt a bit lean and was backfiring on deceleration. The booster plus-in has really smoothed out the power across the range, I couldn’t be happier with the result.

Positive improvement

I was skeptical about the veracity of the claims made about the booster plug, but decided to give it a try as my 2020 Continental GT 650 had a stalling issue when cold. It is fitted with aftermarket mufflers and a K&N air filter, although the stalling issue was there both prior to and after fitting those items. After I fitted the booster plug the stalling issue was immediately resolved. Decel popping in aftermarket exhaust is also reduced and the bike seems generally happier than before. It is very early days yet as I haven't had much time to ride the bike, but so far so good! Fitting was easy too. Thanks.