DNA High Performance Air Filter & High Flow Intake Plate COMBO – Royal Enfield Himalayan


We have collaborated with DNA filters – a highly respected performance air-filter manufacturer – to bring you this kit.

Fits the Royal Enfield Himalayan ONLY.

Comprises of a washable high performance filter that should last the life of the bike with careful maintenance AND a snorkel-eliminator high-flow intake plate.

Dramatically increases the flow and efficiency of the air-box.

Saves you buying expensive air filters each time the bike is serviced.

Supplied pre-oiled, ready to use.

No re-map is required with this kit.  We recommend using in conjunction with a booster plug for maximum performance.

Recommended by TEC & DNA to use with the DNA service kit.


DNA Increased Air Flow: +43.27% (Plate & Filter)

Stock Air Box With Stock Cover & OEM Air Filter: 987 lit/min

Stock Air Box With DNA Stage 2 & DNA S1 Filters Air Flow: 1414 lit/min


Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
John Smith

I received the DNA High Performance Filter & High Flow Intake Plate Combo in very quick time. I have since purchased another New RE Himalayan which I will fit the new items to. I am very pleased with them & have since discussed TEC items with my local RE Dealership & other RE Himalayan owners. I look forward to considering the new TEC Cam for my Himalayan in the future & also other new TEC fittings to further enhance my Himalayan overall. Great products & all very well explained on YouTube. Keep up the excellent work!

Ron Keijzer

I am very happy with the things i bouth

Colin Rogers
Worthwhile fitment

Very quick delivery from tec, filter and plate fitted perfectly and easily. My Himalayan already has a booster plug, a full delkevic exhaust, evap system removed and an air delete kit fitted. It ran really well before but I’ve noticed a definite improvement with the filter and plate fitted, no faster but more responsive and my idle speed which was a little high has settled down to a steady 1100rpm all the time. Just waiting on the the new cam to come back in stock and my bike will hopefully be just as I want it!

Iain Montague
Himalayan upgrades

Ordered the parts for my Himalayan from TEC Bike Parts, great service and all the bits are great quality.

Mike Redwick-Jones
Excellent products & service

I got a few bits including the DNA air filter & high flow intake plate. The filter kit will take you less than 5 minutes to fit.
I can highly recommend changing the standard air filter & intake plate as it has made my 2019 Himalayan so much more responsive throughout the rev range making it now even more of a joy to ride.

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