DNA High Performance Filter – Service Kit


DNA filters are supplied pre-oiled and ready to use but DNA recommend cleaning the washable air filter every 10-25,000km or more regularly in adverse conditions.


Kit contains:

A bottle of special water-soluble detergent

A bottle of special air filter oil to re-oil the air filter.


These fluids should allow the filter be serviced several times.

DNA filter should last a minimum of 100,000km if used correctly and regularly serviced.

Using the best service materials guarantees you the best life out of your filter.

Use DNA oil only in DNA filters.


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Customer Reviews

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bruno maya raymundo
great products

I bought the handles and clutch and brake pedals for the inteceptor, great quality, great build, infinite better than the original ones. totally worth it.

Stuart Holt
DNA filter cleaning kit

Good and easy to use. Thanks TEC.

Matt K
Good product, easy to use

I fitted a DNA filter some time ago so was expecting to buy the service kit in due course. I was quite pleased to find that I didn't really use that much of it during the service, the oil seems like it will go quite a long way, probably at least 5 services. The filter looks like new now, and it was all pretty easy, so I'm definitely happy with the DNA service kit, and in general happy to be using a DNA reusable filter. Buying from TEC was very smooth, best price I could find as well.

Quick and dirty

The item arrived in Australia in 10 days - thanks TEC peeps.
The box was water damaged, but the contents inside were not leaking... not sure about what happened in transit.
Will apply on install of the DNA filter on the weekend.

David V #44
Great little boost

When you take out the original foam (not even paper) filter you wonder how the bike breathed at all. Quick to change and I feel the bike is even more livelier.
If you have a T120 I suggest you take off the left side injection cover because the edges are sharp (cut the back of my hand) and getting access to the breather pipe is tight especially putting it back.
I was a bit worried about a leaner mixture ans maybe a lower idle but all is good.