Fuel booster plug – Royal Enfield Himalayan


Do you find your bike prone to stalling at low engine speeds, lack of throttle response and a lumpy feel to your motor?

Have you fitted a free flow exhaust and worried about it running too lean?

Then this plug and play device will resolve these problems without the need to re-map you ECU.

Fits the Royal Enfield Himalayan ONLY.

Modern EFI bikes especially Euro 4 run very lean in open loop mode and this can cause stalling, poor running and hesitant acceleration.

This fuelling device interrupts the signal from the air temp sensor and modifies it to make the ECU add approx 4-6% more fuel during acceleration in open loop mode, it will not affect MPG as it has no effect in closed loop mode ie. cruising mode or steady running. The device has its own temp sensor and it modifies the signal to release the correct amount of fuel for the measured air temperature.

Will NOT work with Euro 5 models as they have anti-tamper built into the ECU, please do NOT try to fit to Euro 5.

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Customer Reviews

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Ian Pearson
Booster plug

Got to remove the tank,then it's plug in and that's it.
Work's well, would recommend.

William Hutchison
Booster Plug

Excellent product and service.

Rob Farmiloe
No brainer for the price

My Himalayan is a 2020 bike, it has not been the best starter taking a bit of warming up before stalling stopped. This has resolved that but also gives more go straight off the throttle. Similar effect to using a different needle on a carb bike. How much quicker it is I don't know but the important thing is it feels more responsive. Will make riding off road better when a quick burst is needed to get over rocks or bumps.
I fitted the air filter mod after this first assessment.

Stephen Pocklington
Please with the results

I bought the booster plug as part of a general upgrade to my Himalayan.I wanted to fit a 1 tooth larger drive sprocket to increase the cruising speed. To compensate for the higher gearing I fitted a K&N air filter as well to go with an already fitted less restrictive silencer. I have no data or figures to test the results, my opinion is purely subjective.
The bike feels like it's running smoother with less backfiring of the exhaust. The acceleration isn't noticeably quicker but the bike pulls strongly in all gears. 70mph is easily reached and held, with the motor turning at about 5100rpm. On a 50 mile round trip up the M1 I was touching 75 in places and hit 80 once or twice. The motor didn't feel at all stressed and I still managed an MPG figure in the mid 70's.
It's impossible to say which of the upgraded components gave the best result but I achieved what I wanted and am very pleased with the outcome.

Booster Plug

Fantastic, running with lextek pipe and DNA filter, bike runs better, accelerates better, even tick's over better. Watched a few of George's Tec videos and i was convinced to rty a few of these products, wife has Himalayan, I have Interceptor and I have been really surprised by the difference these products have made.