DNA High Performance Air Filter & High Flow Intake Plate – Classic 350


We have collaborated with DNA filters – a highly respected performance air-filter manufacturer – to bring you this kit.

The kit comprises of a washable high performance filter that should last the life of the bike with careful maintenance.  Also, a high-flow air intake filter retaining plate which holds the filter in place.

The combination of filter and plate dramatically increases the flow and efficiency of the filter.  (See performance data, carried out on DNA’s state of the art air-flow test bench, below.)

DNA Increased Air Flow: +99.48%

DNA Filtering Efficiency: 98-99%

Stock Air Box With Stock Cover & OEM Air Filter: 961 lit/min

Stock Air Box With DNA Stage 2 & DNA S1 Filters Air Flow: 1917 lit/min

This kit will also save you needing to buy an expensive air filter each time the bike is serviced.

The air filters are supplied pre-oiled and ready to use.

No re-mapping is required.

Filter and plate are available separately if required.  However, we highly recommend fitting them together.

NOTE – These look similar to the intake plates for other models, however they are different and will ONLY fit the Classic 350.

Recommended by TEC & DNA to use with the DNA service kit.