Progressive fork springs kit to fit Bonneville SE + Bonneville 2015 with 17 inch cast alloy wheels

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TEC upgrade progressive fork springs kit with detailed instructions. Fits Triumph Bonneville SE all years and Bonneville 2015 models with 17″ cast alloy front wheel.

Huge improvement in travel comfort and handling over stock springs.  See our reviews to see how happy people are with the performance.

Provides reduced crashing over bumps and less dive in braking.

Straight replacement for the standard liner triumph fork springs no mods required.  Comes with necessary spacers and detailed instructions.Can also be used with our for top ride height adjusters and fork emulator damping control valves for ultimate ride and adjust ability

Highly Recommended with our rear shock upgrades for a total transformation of your bikes comfort and handling or we offer a no quibble full refund!

12 month warranty


9 reviews for Progressive fork springs kit to fit Bonneville SE + Bonneville 2015 with 17 inch cast alloy wheels

  1. Perry J.

    Fitted a pair of these yesterday, along with the standard rear shock upgrades – transformed the bikes handling and comfort. Excellent product!

  2. Stuart W.

    I ordered these fork springs and they came the next day, great service, I fitted them and the difference is better than I expected, the ride is a lot smoother than the OE parts,
    Well worth the money

  3. Christopher Y.

    Delivery spot on. Front springs well worth changing. Also fitted rear shocks. The bike is much nicer to ride. Well worth the money.

    Very pleased with both items. Makes riding the bike

  4. Rizz

    Got these for my ’09 bonneville followed the clear instructions to fit and very happy with the much smoother handling and ride performance over oem one’s. Big thank you to George.

  5. The R.

    I bought these springs at the Classic Bike Show and was assured that they work. Well I was dubious to say the least, but I have to admit they work and what an improvement they make. They are worth every penny. The improvement in the ride is massive and now that I’ve uprated the rear shocks the improvement makes the suspension work like it should do. Thanks again Chaps.

  6. Stefano M.

    Simply outstanding!!
    I’ve had my bonnie for 5 years now and done loads of mods but this one I should’ve done first….
    Improves the comfort, the handling and gives a lot more confidence in the corners.


  7. Jonny W.

    Positive improvement to the bikes handeling and super easy to fit! Great service from TEC as always! Thanks

  8. Roger J. (verified owner)

    Fast service, springs posted by TEC bikes to me here in New Zealand and they arrived 14 days after ordering, excellent service.
    Product looks good, yet to fit to bike

  9. Kevin R. (verified owner)

    I love my 2013 Triumph Bonneville, but the front end was very springy when going over bumps. It meant I had to constantly fight for control at any speed I was travelling when I encountered a bump. These new fork springs are the best modification I have done to the bike. Coupled with the Tec preload adjusters, the ride is now super smooth; I barely notice any bumps or potholes on the uneven streets of London.

    All-in-all a great product at a ridiculously low price, especially when compared to other options on the market.

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