PACKAGE DEAL – Black CNC Alloy Side Panel Cover Screws & Alloy Extended Seat Bolts


This package contains our popular Black CNC Alloy Side Panel Cover Screws together with our CNC Alloy Extended Seat Bolts
By purchasing them together we are giving you a discount which is reflected in the price.
Also available in Silver

Customer Reviews

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John Parker
Extended Seat Bolts & Side Panel Screws - Bonneville

Excellent and simple modification to remove the seat and side panel covers, look neat and stock - Excellent products

Tobes G
Another quality product

These are another solid addition to a bike. The side panel ones make life easier and allow quicker access. The seat ones don't offer any speed benefits but do save you having to carry an Allen key. I'd quite like to see a similar design for the seat ones where the grip area is at the thread end and the the other end is smooth. I think it would drag less against the seat and allow more finger space. They look great though and are a worthy addition.

Oliver Hull
Prompt and exactly what’s ordered.

The items came so quickly and given I’ve ordered them from Australia that was impressive. In fact I ordered items from TEC and an Oz store and the Uk items turned up first. Great company always loved. Great to support British made.

Philip Whitehead
Good deal

Good quality , great price and very quick delivery ! ! !

Peter Stokes
Lovely bit of kit whilst I had them!

These really are beautifully made and looked far better that the chromed bolts.
I do however have one tiny little problem with them though. Being tool-less they are far too easy for some horrible little lowlife to steal, as I found out two days ago whilst at a bike meet. If I could suggest that whilst tool-less is great, perhaps you could think about adding a hex head insert so that are easier to have them tight enough that they cannot be unscrewed by hand. I always have a couple of hex wrenches in my pocket anyway.