FuelX Pro – Royal Enfield Himalayan – Euro 4 2017-2020 (with choke lever on bars)


Plug and Play

Install in under 15 minutes with no fancy tools required

10 Autotune Maps

FuelX Pro comes with 10 Autotune Maps which can be selected based on the mods, weather, altitude and riding style

Water & Heat Resistant

FuelX Pro, harness and map switch are fully water and heat resistant

Cooler Engine

Engine and Exhaust temperatures are cooler by up to 10%

Handle Bar Map Switch

Every FuelX Pro comes with a Handle Bar Map Switch that can be used to select maps on the fly at any speeds, any time


Improved riding experience, reduced jerks and lesser down shifts

Auto Adapt

FuelX smartly adapts to variations in riding style and engine characteristics, as well as to add-ons such as exhaust and air-filter

NOTE – This is for Euro 4 bikes ONLY for Euro 5 bikes please see our other listing

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Customer Reviews

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Gary Mackenzie
FuelXPro. Good addition.

With all the mods I've done to my BS4 Himalayan (upgraded cam, DNA air filter and open cover, de-cat and Delkevic end can) even with a booster plug fitted my spark plug looked like my engine was running a bit lean so decided to try a FuelX Pro. Excellent service from TEC, it arrived in a couple of days and was easy to fit. I'm still playing around with the settings, I used it on setting 6 at the weekend but it still seemed a little lean so I'm just back from a 60 mile run on setting 7 and my spark plug is a light chocolate brown colour so I seem to have found the ideal setting now. I'm glad I got it for peace of mind that I'm not damaging my engine.

Pete Cook
Fuel x pro Himalayan

Iam very happy with the fuel x pro it was easy to install and it's plug and play and a good price 👍😎

Brian Barnes
FuelX does it make a real difference?

After doing all the mods I can on my Himalayan, Tec cam, performance exhaust,16 tooth sprocket, K&N air filter and plate, iridium plug, Ais delete and Evap removal. I thought I had done with mods. The bike was transformed, and short of installing a big bore kit, I thought I had reached the engine’s maximum performance.
Then I came across Tec’s video on FuelX, I did my research on how it works so I thought I would give it a try.
Installation was really easy and everything worked first time. Then came the road test. Immediately there was a noticeable difference to the bikes response, the bike was already a lot quicker through the gears, now it was just smoother, before I was having to change down from 5th at anything less than 50Mph, now the engine is smooth and responsive even as low as 35Mph in 5th and will still pull away.
Thank you Tec and fuelX for doing all the hard work in making a great bike even better. I think I might start saving up an do the suspension mods as well!!!