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TEC Clamp-on CNC Round Bar End Mirrors – Black or Silver

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TEC Clamp-on CNC Round/Oval Bar End Mirrors

Fitting video below.

This kit includes 2 x mirrors (left and right) and universal fittings.

On Triumph water-cooled bikes from 2016 onward you will need to change your end caps from dished to the shallow type.  Click for product listing.

We supply universal bar ends with this kit and you can cut these down to fit as an option. See pictures.

On some Triumph air cooled bikes the standard handlebars have a threaded plug welded inside and you may need to use a longer bolt with the bar ends supplied.

These CNC alloy mirrors are finished to the highest standard and come in anodised satin black or anodised satin silver finish.

The round shape changes the look and gives extra style to your bike.

All bolts in stainless steel to prevent corrosion.

Comes with adjustable clamps that are universal fitting and can be used to fit any bike.

The black is powder coated to the highest standard finish.

We have many other styles of mirrors, see other listings.


59 reviews for TEC Clamp-on CNC Round Bar End Mirrors – Black or Silver

  1. Douglas M.

    Not the first item I have ordered from TEC and it won’t be the last, great quality as always.

  2. Craig M.

    Mirrors are well constructed, have a nice quality feel and finish. Came with a load of bits to fit various bar sizes and even some spare bar-ends, which I thought was a nice touch. Only thing I can really shoot them down on is there is a semi-blue coat on the mirror, which makes using them at night kind of useless. Other than that, they’re pretty good.

  3. vidar p.

    High quality. Lokks very nice on the bike.

  4. Stefano M.

    Very easy to instal and looking good!!

  5. Tomas G.

    Great products and fantastic service!!!

  6. Paul B.

    Very good quality mirrors and great service from tec bike parts.

  7. Andrew M.

    A great looking mirror at a great price, and Tecs usual high quality. What’s not to like?

  8. Alex G.

    I like these mirrors, way cheaper than the Tr listed items.

  9. Wayne H.

    OEM Quality
    Why pay Triumph money ?
    Fantastic service delivered within 24-hours of placing order.

  10. mitchell p.

    I looked into loads of options and I’m very pleased with these mirrors. I can’t compare to others on the market but the finish is perfect.they are light weight and fix to bike very secure. You will need to add to add included spacer. The blue anti glare on glass is a real nice look. You will need bar end finishers as you would with the £75 each Triumph ones. I fitted with break lever set and they compliment each other giving a great look. Well worth the money.

  11. Martin D.

    Mounted these upwards on a Triumph Street Twin 2017 with no issues. Only thing is you need to buy the bar end finishers from Triumph to complete the kit. Otherwise the mirrors seem to be good quality, they are much lower than the Triumph bar end mirrors for less than half the price, so it’s more than worth it! Very happy with these. Blue tint needs to be used to but in the end it’s ok. Great service & delivery from TEC. I fully recommend!

  12. J

    Hola from Malaysia!
    Bought the bar end mirrors for my Triumph T100 and I got to say, I am very pleased with the build quality and the affordable price from TEC. It’s as good as the original bar end mirrors from Triumph but with such cheaper price, it surely surpassed my expectation. Only need to purchase the original bar end finisher and you’re ready to go. Love the anti-glare bluish finishing on the mirror too! And when combined with TEC hand levers, what a compliment they made for each other! I’m so happy with the purchase and cant wait to get some other stuff from TEC Bike Parts soon. Thanks Matthew and TEC!!

  13. ***Heidi*** R.

    At the risk of sounding like everyone else…amazing value for money, beautifully designed and manufactured, and half the price of other manufacturers of the same, or possibly inferior, quality.
    The mirrors fit perfectly on the original Triumph spacers, and are smaller, tidier, and better looking.
    The clutch lever has been machined to allow slightly more free play on the master cylinder piston than the original (I measured it meticulously) – so perfectly safe (a friend of mine came of his Aprilia having fitted another manufacturers levers that had less free play on the piston than the original, and he clearly hadn’t checked…the front wheel locked up approaching a roundabout).

    Very pleased with the less cluttered look of the bars.
    Only problem is, now that the huge original mirrors and levers are gone, the attention is drawn to the indicators which now look like snail tentacles. Gonna have to change them too then!

  14. Andy M.

    Great parts at reasonable price and look great on the bike! Easy to fit but require Triumph slim bar end caps.

  15. Henrik (verified owner)

    Great service! Good quality products.

  16. Ian S. (verified owner)

    These mirrors are brilliant, a lot better, smaller and cheaper than triumph ones 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  17. Mark Smith (verified owner)

    Purchased for a Speed Twin. Another great addition to the Triumph from TEC. Wasn’t sure about the blue tint but needn’t have worried as they look great. Easy to fit using two Allen keys and the obligatory thread locker. Have not been out yet so cannot comment on the view.

  18. Akosh (verified owner)

    It works for me much better than the stock mirrors, my arms aren’t getting in the way, no need to move around as much, just nod towards the mirrors. Changes the appearance of the bike to a much leaner machine. Love the blue tint as well.

  19. Jason B. (verified owner)

    As always with these folks the product was great – did exactly as it said on the tin – apologies for the cliche. Fantastic ‘how to’ video on you tube made fitting them super easy . It should be added I am a class A numpty when it comes to this sort of thing and even I could do it. Would always recommend Tec.

  20. Octavio Picavet (verified owner)

    Great job and quality, as always . Thanks a lot !

  21. Simon Norton (verified owner)

    Very nice and easy modification to my street twin makes the bike look alot better a high quality product at agreat price.

  22. Neill Pye (verified owner)

    If you have a Triumph T120 (2016+) and you want to see more than your shoulders…. you need these!
    Easy to fit and come with end caps that Triumph charge a small fortune for (+- £20). The build quality is very good and they do not vibrate.
    TEC’s communication and customer service had been excellent. Thank you

  23. Uwe (verified owner)

    Top Perfekt

  24. lionel (verified owner)

    Just beautiful

  25. Steve (verified owner)

    Top quality bar end mirrors. Come with a load of different fittings for handlebars. Much better than the stock mirrors on my Bonnie!

  26. Steve Gresty (verified owner)

    Mirrors arrived promptly, excellent quality with anti glare glass also. Highly recommend bot the mirrors & Tec bike parts too. My 1st dealing with them, but not my last I’m sure…..

  27. Edwin Hodges (verified owner)

  28. Vincent Fraser Hunt (verified owner)

    Great service and price. Very happy camper.

  29. Jan Jolie (verified owner)

  30. Cyril (verified owner)

  31. Fred O. (verified owner)

    First time I’ve used Tec bike parts and it won’t be the last. Service second to none. Quality of parts top class.

  32. ian garrett (verified owner)


  33. Paul Hopgood (verified owner)

    Really great looking bar end mirrors. High quality and very very easy to fit (took me 15 mins). Everything you need is in the kit. I watched the TEC YouTube video first and as suggested used plenty of loctite on all the bolts. I also ordered TEC’s bar end caps which set it off nicely. On the T120 you only the larger of the two spacers. Very pleased with this product and the usual TEC customer service.

  34. Kevin B. (verified owner)

    Look cool, bar ends a faff

  35. Keiron Bedford (verified owner)

    Perfect, great product , quick delivery

  36. Matt Elliott (verified owner)

    Great quality and value for money always great service. Will be definitely buying more parts for my triumph scrambler from Tec bike parts.

  37. Andrew (verified owner)

    Look great. Easy to fit

  38. ROMANI MARIO (verified owner)

    For me excellent experience, kind, competent, excellent products, prices. I recommend

  39. KENNY MCLEOD (verified owner)

    These end bar mirrors a well made and robust and fitted to my T120 no problem and considering the price Triumph are selling their mirrors at this is a bargain very happy biker cheers TEC👍.

  40. Jason M. (verified owner)

  41. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great well made set of mirrors at a great price

  42. Geoffrey M. (verified owner)

    Great mirrors, easy to fit, fitting video available online.

  43. nathan (verified owner)

    Very well made product which has a great finish. Previously I have bought some eBay Chinese mirrors…never again. Although only £10, they only lasted a month before I got tired of having to constantly adjust after going above 10mph. Keep up the high standards TEC bike parts!

  44. Russell (verified owner)

    Great finish and a fraction of Triumph prices

  45. Gyorgy (verified owner)

    Nice looking mirrors for great value/price rate! The blue anti-glare coatings work well and haven’t cause any issue during night rides so far.

  46. heudier (verified owner)

    Ras, on est dans ce qui se fait sur ce genre de pièces…
    Pas trop onéreux et la qualité est pas mal, il manque juste les enjoliveur de bout de guidon adapté à la Bonneville.

  47. Aaron Twist (verified owner)


  48. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very good quality and straightforward to fit . Just need to source dome head screws to replace the original mirror mounting studs . I would recommend this product for the Street Twin. I you are not handy with the hacksaw , buy the bare end kit !

  49. Paul (verified owner)

    First time having used bar end mirrors. Very pleased with these.

  50. Kostas (verified owner)

    Look slick!! Excellent quality, and that blue hue on the lens is lovely. Great vfm also!!

  51. Paul H. (verified owner)

    Well made mirrors. There is no vibration when riding. Very satisfied with the product.

  52. PAUL (verified owner)

    Excellent product

  53. frederic s. (verified owner)


  54. Paul M. (verified owner)

    Good quality,look great & easy to fit, not a great view on my Street Twin though.

  55. Edward M. (verified owner)

    These mirrors appear to be good quality and were easily fitted to my Triumph Street twin. They look good and although smaller than the original Triumph mirrors are positioned further out so still give good rear vision. The blue tint on the mirror glass takes a little getting used to but you forget about it after a few miles and it does reduce headlight glare at night. Service from Tec was excellent as usual. You will need bar end caps if fitting to a Street Twin (available from Tec for less than half the price of Triumph ones) and an M10 1.25 fine thread bolt to secure your front brake reservoir when you remove the original mirrors. I would recommend this product.

  56. VOZES URBANAS (verified owner)

    Arrived well at PORTUGAL. Thks a lot

  57. Mark (verified owner)

    Excellent service and responsive to customer feedback 👍

  58. KENNY MCLEOD (verified owner)

    Clamp bar end mirrors top quality mirrors have them on my triumph T120 and my hard tail Chopper well worth the money.

  59. Robert R. (verified owner)

    Excellent product and 1st class service

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