Fork emulators and adaptors for Royal Enfield Himalayan / Scram 411


CNC Fork Emulator Valves with Adaptor Rings-

This brand new pair of TEC fork Emulators/adaptors will fit the Royal Enfield Himayalan / Scram 411.

These valves are made for us by YSS and are top quality.  The adaptor rings are exclusive to TEC.

These valves totally transform the damping to the level of cartridge type forks and allow separate compression and rebound damping settings. More importantly they add a high speed damping valve to allow forks to compress faster over severe bumps without compromising normal damping performance.

IMPORTANT- Several companies including suspension specialist sell these YSS valves without the TEC adaptors. It is very important to use these with the adaptors as the will not work correctly without them and the valves may also be damaged.

Can be used with our fork top adjusters to give a vastly improved front end set up that is fully adjustable for damping and pre-load /ride height.

The kit features:-

  • A pair of High quality YSS wear resistant black anodised finish emulator valves
  • A pair of TEC 41mm fork adaptor rings.
  • They can be fitted by most competent home mechanics , please watch our video see link below.
  • Allows damping to be fully adjustable with separate adjustment to rebound, high and low speed compression damping.
  • Allows easy fine adjustment of the front forks and allows you to upgrade your forks up to cartridge fork spec at a fraction of the price.
  • Full technical and warranty back up from a long established UK family company.

Customer Reviews

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Pete Fletcher
Good product but.....

Just finished fitting the emulators to my 2022 Scram.
In my opinion these are not plug and play and should not be fitted without some mechanical ability.
The literature warns that they should be fitted by an competent person and this advice should be followed.
As supplied the units do not fit well to the top of the damper tubes which are badly formed at the top (at least mine were)
I needed to square off the top of the damper tube in the lathe.
Even then, the emulator units do not sit squarely and securely in the top of the damper tubes with or without the supplied spacer.
I turned up some stepped brass spacers to ensure they would sit central and square.
I also suspect that the bottom spring washer might restrict the rebound action as it obscures half of the slots so I increased the ID of those.
In my opinion - definitely not to be fitted by amateurs.

Peter Baker
What a difference !

I didn't think the Himalayan suspension was too bad, not as crashy as some budget suspensions. However, ever fiddling and hopefully improving, I fitted the emulators and was very impressed by the suspension performance. Definitely worth the money and I would highly recommend fitting them, especially if, like me, you live in an area of particularly crappy roads

Fork emulator are excellent solution!

I can confirm that the fork emulator did solve the fork behavior!
the bike behaves much more accurately.
The way the fork soaks up potholes has changed beyond recognition.
thank you.

Graeme Peak

Quick delivery

Himalayan Emulators

Bought and fitted these to my Bonneville awhile ago and really made a difference. So bought but not fitted them yet to the Himalayan but am expecting the same transformation and better feel to the REH. Great product at reasonable price for these type of forks. They do make/give a far better control and feel to the front end.