TEC 2-1 STINGER Exhaust System – Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 & Continental GT 650 Models


Full 304 stainless steel system – supplied with fitting kit and gaskets.

Super light – the full system weighs only 4.4kg.  This is an approximate 12kg weight saving over the stock exhaust system.

Specially designed baffle system in the silencers and mid pipe – provides a great soundtrack and high flow for enhanced power, without excessive noise.

Designed to give a torque boost in mid-range with specially developed collector to enhance ‘extractor’ effect.

Hugs the bike for improved looks and clearance.

We highly recommend using with our DNA high flow air filter kit to give the best gains.  Please see dyno sheets below.  These runs are with stock ECU and DNA high flow air filter kit – no other modifications.

No need to remap your ECU. Simply allow the ECU to auto-adjust and it will perform optimally.

Marked as EU noise legal but not TUV approved or ‘E’ marked.

Will fit with main stand fitted.

Will not fit with engine bars.

Fits Interceptor 650 & Continental GT 650.

If you would like a quieter system, this Db killer baffle will fit and is available separately.

EURO 5 – This system has been tested with and is safe to use with Euro 5 bikes.  Please fit the system and allow the ECU to auto-adjust. It must be used with the supplied baffle.

Video instructions:

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Customer Reviews

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Luc Fassier
Super upgrade

Le pot allége la moto, tant visuellement qu’en poids (environ 12kg)
La passagère ne se brûle plus la jambe, il y a de la place pour les sacoches.
Le comportement moteur est vraiment amélioré et le bruit raisonnable.

Eirin Gonella
Good value

If you want an exhaust it gets rid of the catalytic converter it’s not very much money this is it. Don’t expect the highest quality but it has a good look anyway. Be very careful tightening the belt under the engine as mine snapped off. The only other thing to be mindful of is you will have to make sure the clutch cableIs cable tied away from the exhaust as in the standard position it touches the new exhaust. Anyway generally happy

Neil Chapman
Fantastic product!

All I can do really is echo what other people have said already - the difference this has made to my Interceptor is incredible.
The whole fitting process (including removing the old system) took less than a couple hours - the Youtube video installation guide was invaluable. Once fitted, I left it overnight before running at idle for 15 minutes (important!) to let the ECU do it's thing, then went out for a test ride.
The improved looks, handling, manoeuverability and exhaust note are all spot on - it's like riding a different bike!
Excellent value for money. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this system to any Interceptor owner. Cheers!

Myfanwy Eaves

I wanted a lighter bike and a better sound - perfect!

Peter Horne
Stinger 2 into 1 is recommended

I'm very happy with this system. It has taken off enough weight that the bike feels almost flickable, and in combination with the high flow air filter and the booster plug the midrange feels much stronger, although at only 700km I'm still not pushing it that hard. It wasn't too hard to fit after watching the video a couple of times and then reading the install sheet which comes with the package. To me the stock Interceptor felt a little bit too heavy and a little bit underpowered. Not any more. The shipping and tracking were also excellent (UK to NZ in a week). Thanks TEC.