Spare Stainless Short Type 6-Hole Exhaust Baffle


A single spare stainless steel baffle to fit the TEC 2-into-1 Tracker, TEC 2-into-2 Sprint & the TEC 2-into-1 Stinger exhaust systems ONLY.

This is the short type baffle with 6 holes. This high flow baffle will fit all types of our Triumph exhausts and slip on cans.

All exhaust systems come with baffles included.  These are spare baffles and are ideal if you want to cut down the baffle for extra noise but also be able to fit the stock baffle if quiet bike needed.


Customer Reviews

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TEC Stinger Short Type 6-Hole Exhaust Baffle

Well made and a significant noise reduction at lower RPM. No noticeable effect on performance when compared to the standard baffle.

6 Hole Exhaust Baffle.

Seems OK. Fitted easily into the end of the Stinger exhaust can. It just worked. Can't complain.

Growl and hum

At low revs, normal everyday revs round town, this has brought the noise down on the stinger 2-in-1 exhaust effectively to acceptable levels. A low warm hum. But you get the growl back under load or higher revs. Perfect! Some manners but got growl when you need to be heard.

Less noise, less attention

So to get less attention from people who don't like the sound of a throaty parallel twin, (who knew such people actually exist?) and to avoid £ fines, I bought a spare set of these baffles. They do mute the exhaust note quite well, but the Tec 2-2 exhaust still sounds good. They don't affect the performance at all. They do rattle a tiny bit in the exhaust, but the advice is to slightly bend the baffle sides, which works well. Overall I'm very pleased with the exhaust and these new baffles.