Sump/Engine Guard, Alloy Bash Plate – Fits Triumph Water-cooled models from 2016 onwards


TEC heavy duty engine/Sump guard – available in Silver or Black to match your bike (just choose required colour in drop down menu).

Helps to prevent debris and water damage to the exhaust and underside of frame.

Comes with vent holes to allow airflow to cool exhaust.

Supplied with all fixings and fasteners required.

Made from thick and strong alloy plate, that is laser cut to shape.

Unlike many guards on the market that are made from a bent flat plate, our TEC guard is machine pressed to form strengthening ribs along both sides and the front centre line. These ribs massively increase the strength and resistance to bending/deforming when hit, compared to a flat plate of metal and can help prevent resonance vibration of the guard.

Fits the following models-

T100 2016 onwards

T120 2016 onwards

Street Twin

Street cup

Speed twin 1200

Thruxton 1200

Truxton 1200 R


Customer Reviews

Based on 91 reviews
Bash Plate

A very well made bit of kit, simple to fit even without instructions.

Andrew Batters
Quality item

Sump guard and fittings excellent quality, no instructions but easy to work out fitment non the less.

Luke L
Street twin sump guard - Good value

Reasonably priced and well made sumpguard.

As others have said with no instructions it probably took this noob longer to fit that normal and I ended up watching YouTube videos on similar sump guards

Other than that it's great

Alan Flynn
speed twin sump bash plate

This is the third item i have bought from tec quality item perfect fit .

Stephen Shenton
Triumph Speed Twin 2022 Sump Guard Black

Only done 200 miles so this review is about first impressions and fitting. So first impressions are all good, it looks sturdy and the coating of paint applied looks like a quality job has been done. The fitting is a simple job once you sort out which bracket goes where. The negatives for me are the fasting, I would have preferred torx or Allen head and some spring washers, I did apply low strength loctite. It looks like it belongs on the bike and I would recommend this product.