Progressive fork springs for Triumph Watercooled Hinckley Bonneville T100 (2016 -2021)


This will totally transform the ride and comfort of your bike!

They are designed to fit all WATER COOLED models (2016 -2021) of Hinckley Bonneville 900cc T100.  Fitting these progressive springs will provide:

NOTE in 2021 model year the T100 started using a damping cartridge in the right side fork only. to check if your model has this you can undo the right side cap and if it has a cartridge fitted you will dee the damper rod attached to the fork cap. These t100 models use different springs and these are in a different listing.

  • More Travel
  • Less dive under braking
  • Less crashing over potholes
  • Straight replacement for the standard liner triumph fork springs no mods required.
  • Recommended with our rear shock upgrades for a total transformation of your bikes comfort and handling or we offer a no quibble full refund!
  • Huge improvement in travel comfort and handling over stock springs with reduced crashing over bumps and less dive in braking.
  • Easy to fit with all instructions provided, these are a direct replacement for the original springs.
  •  No modifications needed.

See the product reviews on our site to see how much difference they made to people’s bikes!


Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
John T
Progressive fork springs and preload adjusters - 2018 Bonneville T100

The poor roads in Essex where I live expose the weakness in the Triumph’s forks making it unpleasant to ride and causing a lot of bodily wear and tear! I hoped that progressive springs would improve matters and decided to invest in the preload adjusters at the same time. I was not disappointed. The bike is now feels more planted on the road and the ride quality has improved so that there is far less crashing over bumps. Also there is reduced fork dive on braking and the the steering seems to have sharpened up. I’m still experimenting writh the preload settings but I’m sure I’ll soon find the sweet spot.
These springs for T100 are the same length as the originals so the assembly process is easy. There are no instructions as such and you are referred to YouTube videos. Some videos are a little misleading and gloss over some aspects of the job, but provided you are careful and methodical you should have no problem. It is very important however to slacken the top yoke clamp bolts to facilitate the removal of the fork top nuts as they are soft alloy with fine threads so easily damaged otherwise. Once you have refitted the top nuts or the new preload adjusters instead, you must remember to tighten the clamp bolts again.
The job took me under an hour but many people I’m sure can do it in far less time.
I’m very satisfied with the result which was well worth the money. Well done again Tec.

Tim Bebbington
Bonnie fork springs

Not fitted yet but very good service from Tec. Springs arrived in a couple of days and look good quality, would use Tec again.

Antony Fellowes
Fork springs

Arrived in good time,easy to install took 15 minutes not road tested them yet but I think they will be fine👍

Peter Chilton
Progressive front springs

Springs arrived quickly and looked great quality, equal lengths...believe me this is not always the case with other manufacturers. Springs fitted and I can certainly feel an improvement. Well worth the money.

Darin Gillies
Quick delivery and easy to install

Had the parts shipped to NZ and they arrived within a week. The installation was a breeze and I am really happy with the result.