CNC Alloy Headlight LONG brackets for T120/T100 and 41mm forks


We have made this longer version of our very popular TEC – CNC alloy headlight brackets as the shorter type we make will not fit some bikes with large headlamp shells like the water cooled T100 and T120 models, and also the earlier Thruxton 900 and T100 air cooled bikes.

This larger type now measure 120mm from the front edge of the fork tube to the headlamp mount bolt centre.

These brackets are light weight, but very strong and change the look of the bike dramatically.

Fully machined from billet alloy and black anodised for durability.

Will fit all 41mm diameter forks. Length from centre of headlight mounting hole to face of forks: 115mm.


Customer Reviews

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Alloy LONG headlight brackets

Purchased the alloy LONG brackets for my RE GT 650 which replaced the awful OEM cast items. The TEC brackets are quality items which fit the 41mm fork legs perfectly, but you will need spacers between the bracket and the OEM headlamp bowl to ensure brackets are aligned parallel (I used 12mm thick spacers). You will also need to fit a reducer sleeve for the headlamp bolt (the OEM bolt is M8 and the bracket hole is approx 11.5mm). I used a 5mm thick M8 black nylon washer with an outside diameter of 12mm which I sanded until a snug fit in the bracket hole.
I chose the LONG brackets because I was fitting a fairing and wanted to push the headlamp forward another 30mm to eliminate possible contact problems between the fairing and the clocks, cables etc.. There is sufficient area on the bracket to drill an M8 hole to fit an indicator should you wish but I placed inicators on the fairing.
As per usual TEC service and communication is second to none. Another great TEC bike part - just saving for the Stinger exhaust now!!

Front bike completed and upgraded

this is a very unique staff no bloody expensive and looks very good, my front bike thanks to Tec bike is complete, everything you see on the catalogue for the front parts I fitted, lever, fully forks upgrades, indicators bracket, mirrors, this is was the last piece of the puzzle.
Well made Tec.

Alloy brackets

I found the easiest way to do this is put bike on the centre stand, take off top yoke, remove triumph brackets,
slide on alloy brackets, replace top yoke, job done no problem. Oh and they look amazing'

Rob Gosling

Headlight brackets well made fitted a treat after strip down to fit them.
Look cool and saved some weight 😁
Once again very pleased with product and service

Ian Crow
Head Lamp Brackets

This is a quality product & enhances the front perfectly.
The only neg comment I have is that the earlier T100 (mines 2021) might have had a smaller diameter Headlight as the legs are a little splayed on my bike when tightening up. Having said that, I love the look of the finished piece & keep going back to Tec as their service & communication is second to none. More orders coming up.