TEC Stainless “De-CAT” X-Pipe

(123 customer reviews)


Bolt-in replacement for the very restrictive standard exhaust CAT under the motor.

Our all-stainless and hand welded TEC X-pipes are unrivalled for quality, performance and price.

Designed to fit all watercooled Triumph Twin models from 2016 onward including:

Bonneville T100
Bonneville T120
Bobber/Bobber Black

Speed Twin 1200cc
Street Twin
Street Cup
Thruxton 1200
Thruxton R 1200
2018 Speedmaster

Will NOT fit Street Scrambler (De-cat for Street scrambler available soon)

Will NOT fit Thruxton TFC or Thruxton RS as the catalytic converter is welded to the tail pipes on these models

Advantages include:

Dyno developed to give improved gas flow – giving better torque and power.

Vastly improved exhaust sound even with standard silencers.

Less back pressure and heat soak into motor to help with cooler running.

Unlike many other X-pipes on the market, our kit uses all 3 of the mounting points and standard exhaust clamps for a secure vibration free installation.

It retains standard heat shields and all “E”  compliance marks for a standard unmodified look – No problems at M.O.T testing time as emissions are not part of the test.

No drilling or cutting required and fully reversible.

Can be installed without a remap.  No problem as ECU will adjust.

You can use with Triumph’s uprated Vance & Hines maps to release even more power and smoother running on 900cc motors.

Can be used with all types of standard, TEC and Vance & Hines silencers.

TEC de-cat is used by many Triumph dealers and owners all over the world.


123 reviews for TEC Stainless “De-CAT” X-Pipe

  1. martyn d.

    Excellent value for money modification, the De-Cat X Pipe is a beautiful piece of workmanship. My Street Twin not only goes better but sounds glorious too. I had the Vance & Hines US spec silencers from new, my dealer remapped the ECU to suit & I think this works well with the X Pipe. Straightforward to fit ( George’s YouTube video a big help ) I found I had enough movement of the left frame rail by just loosening the top frame bolt, leaving the nut on saves hassle. I also slid the tank rewards of few inches for better access.

  2. Davea

    Very good quality product with very fast delivery, excellent service from this company. Fitted my bobber perfectly, I have personally seen the product that is offered by another company at a higher price, the higher priced product is no better than the product offered by this company, one criticism, no instructions with the pipe, but if you are not capable of fitting the pipe without instructions maybe you should not be fitting it.

  3. Dave

    Good product would recommend every time, Fitted with U.S. Vance & Hines exhausts my T120 sounds fantastic now.
    Thanks to George .

  4. Andy K.

    Great product and price , sounds amazing :crown::racing_motorcycle:

  5. Chris G.

    Fantastic product and instructional video made the install simple

  6. Robert E.

    Fitted the X pipe to my T120, as a tip I think its best to remove the tank that way you can easily disconnect the lambda sensors from the wiring and leave them on the header pipes. As the title says its a cracking piece of kit very well made. The bike sounds great even with the stock pipes on its got a lovely bark.

  7. David H.

    Whilst it’s hard to do a comparison against the market competitors for performance etc what I can see is that this product appears to be the real deal. Quality of the metal, fit and finish looks excellent. This has certainly saved considerable weight over the stock cat box which is very heavy it also makes the stock cans sound fantastic, I’d consider in par with Vance and Hines slip ones, however the last thing is the the price, this is a fraction of what you’d pay for what the time was the Scorpion equivalent. Great stuff for less than £150.

  8. Alan H.

    Easy to fit once on my paddock stand ,sounds nice on the throttle up and bubbles nice on the over run. Much lighter than the old cat and once fitted you can’t see any difference. Highly recommended and cheap to do, i’m useing the original pipes and do not plan to change them as i think they suit the look of the bike the best IMO.

  9. Keith

    Good quality part. Excellent help to understand fitting.

  10. Matthew D.

    Superb product . A pleasure to fit and makes the bike sound how I would of expected it to from factory not forgetting more torque. Highly recommended

  11. Andrew K.

    Fitting the X-Pipe has totally transformed my T120.
    What was already a brilliant bike is now amazing!
    The engine is smoother, particularly at low speeds.
    It revs more freely, you can have it up to 6500rpm in the blink of an eye.
    It feels more responsive and sounds more roarty.
    The only thing to be careful of, is the engine braking seems to be reduced, you can’t rely on shutting the throttle to slow you down significantly.
    The unit fitted like a glove and with the heat shield fitted you can’t tell that the cat isn’t under the engine.

  12. Frank B.

    Great product, Easley fitted, great sound, more get up and go!

  13. Bruno G.

    Commandée et reçue rapidement. Moins cher qu’en France. Facile à monter et un résultat spectaculaire, tant dans le son que dans les performances. La moto respire et chauffe moins. J’hésitais à revendre ma T120 pour racheter une Thruxton R mais c’est décidé, grâce au X-Pipe “De-Cat”, je garde ma T120.

  14. Bhupendra S.

    This is a must have upgrade for any Bonneville out there. The exhaust note after having these installed is absolutely amazing and this is with the manufacturer exhaust installed.

  15. Eric C.

    Great product and great service

  16. Graham T.

    This X pipe for my Street Twin as enabled the bike to ‘breath better’,making the throttle response my smoother especially on he overrun.
    The bike fees a lot smoother, a little quicker,and also has a deaper,louder exhaust note.
    Very happy customer

  17. Tony J.

    Very well made. Grate price. Uk made. A bit fiddely to fit.

  18. Phil G.

    Am very pleased with this component, fitted a treat, thanks to Tec bike youtube video of how to do it. Bike does feel like it has a lot more grunt midrange. Would be a good mod to do before getting noisey pipes because it does lift the decibles a fair bit.

  19. Wayne H.

    What can I say .. Fantastic bit of kit for the money .. followed the TEC You tube video to aid fitting which was a great help so thankyou for that

  20. Keith

    It fitted perfectly, if you follow the video instructions it all works out just right! Polished the X pipe up before fitting just to give it that extra sparkle. Sounds better, performance improved, you can feel the engine breathing ! Excellent, thankyou for your help , nothing was too much trouble! Got the Thruxton to do next!:thumbsup::type_1_2:

  21. Frederic G.

    Produit va à la perfection et le bruit super beau

  22. Malcolm B.

    Great product, instructional video really helped with the installation. The tip to hold the top frame nut in place with a spanner while refitting the allen bolt made all the differance. Manufacture and price was spot on.The bike sounds great even with the stock pipes on.

  23. Ian B.

    Had this about a month, just got round to fitting it to my Street Twin, what a difference! Bike sounds like it should, loud enough with the standard pipes, but the performance difference is great, it’s really freed up the power in 3/4/5th when winding on the power. Easy to fit (mate did it, but only took him an hour, and he didn’t watch the fitting video like I told him to!), good quality at a great price. Asked the dealer regarding remap, and they said the ecu self adjusts to 10%, so ok with std cans, use the Vance and Hines remap if you fit the cans.

  24. john b.

    Very well made, fitted straight on no problems, would recommend to any water cooled Triumph twin owners, makes the bike sound nice too.

  25. David G.

    Perfect item, well made and looks like it’ll last! Not too bad to fit, you’ll need the right tools and definitely need a centre stand or lift. Sounds really good and whilst not really noisy, the blip and noise at higher revs is really worth getting this installed

  26. Michael D.

    Does exactly what it says on the tin! – Sounds fantastic! Even with standard exhausts on. Thanks, Mike

  27. Morris W.

    Ordered for my Street Twin last Saturday, arrived Tuesday fitted Wednesday and I have been smiling ever since. The bike sounds like a proper Motorcycle and it has defintely improved the performance. The part was relatively easy to fit and the instructional video was fantastic. I cant praise Tec Bike enough and will be recommending them to all my fellow Triumph riders.

  28. Ernst

    Nice video for what seems to be a great product. Can you tell when the H-pipe de-cat for the scrambler will be availlable?

  29. Rob M.

    As a 63yr old proud owner of a 2017 T100, I wasn`t happy with the sound, or lack of. Trawled through comparisons of the Vance Hines & Norman Hyde & YouTube video`s, I finally decided & ordered a de-cat. Watched George fitting it on YouTube. Delivered midday today, it`s 4:15pm now, DONE, FITTED. Really glad I took this option, sounds like PROPER T100 now, with standard silencers. GREAT CHOICE. Sounds AWSOME. I`m happy now. Really well made & quick delivery. Lot cheaper than Norman Hyde too (sorry Norman). I did it slightly quicker than you too George ha ha, I left the ringspanner on the nut, top of frame, by radiator, & left it on a couple of threads, didn`t need to take off. Many thanks again, Rob

  30. Richard C.

    Great quality item. I’m from the motor industry and can tell this pipe is well designed and well made. Top value!!

  31. Graham K.

    What can I say, it looks well made. However, it’s too cold to venture into the garage and fit it at the mo’ so we’ll see. But, as usual great service order one day get it the next working day. Now saving up for the next bits.

  32. david m.

    ordered 02;30 friday here 10:00 saturday,outstanding to get it to the isle of man in that time.looks a well made product will not fit it till spring checked out your video instructions so pretty confident cheers

  33. Jason B.

    Sounds fantastic, if you have a Thruxton loosen both header pipes and the link pipe. It’s a little bit more awkward than the t120 but she sounds like a Triumph should even with standard pipes

  34. Justin

    Good communications very quick delivery, arrived well packed with instructions in box. Not yet fitted the my bike, looks well crafted and made to a very high standed pice of art.

  35. Bruce D.

    There are other cheaper alternatives but you’re simply missing a trick if you didn’t use the TEC part. Delivered very quickly and fits the bike perfectly. What surprised me was how much difference the pipe has made to the way the bike runs, the fan simply doesn’t run anywhere near as often and it’s running noticeably better. Very happy.

  36. Massimiliano L.

    No problems to fit it. Sound very good already with the standard silencers.
    Well done.

  37. Bruno D.

    Very good xpipe

  38. Montemurri B.

    Poor construction good materaials is not easy fitting in my t120 because the exhaust system is a jigsaw puzzle of bolt pieces that do not fit easily. The operation, however, is excellent more power at the top more response to gas, not very noisy, light, and especially cool for me that I live in Italy!

  39. Gary P.

    Excellent quality pipe, very well made and great service from George. Fitted to a T120 Black 2017 model with original silencers. Bike runs smooth and sounds better although sound increase is not too much as to wake the neighbours. I think i will stick with the stock silencers as the sound it just right for me. After fitting them i started the engine and let it idle until the fan cut in. Then took her out the next day and had a gentle ride around. Bike ran smoothly and there s no popping or back firing when rolling off the throttle. So i assume the ECU has adjusted its self correctly. Not too difficult to fit, i suggest you watch Georges (Tec-Bike Parts) installation video on You Tube. The pipe comes at a great price compared to other manufacturers pipes and it is guaranteed for life (this being stated in the video), so no worries about it failing. A very worthwhile upgrade, i will be buying the upgraded fork springs when funds allow.

  40. Robert W.

    The best service ever great products vert happy

  41. Max

    Hey tec Team !
    Is the x pipe still out of Stock ?

  42. Jeremy B.

    A very well made piece of kit and delivered quickly too.
    Oh, did I mention the price? A bargain compared to others out there.
    It’s not a 5-minute job to fit, more like a couple of hours, assuming you know what you’re doing.
    That’s not a criticism.
    The bike breaths easier now, compared to stock, and has a bass’ier sound (I’m running EU spec Vance & Hines cans). It also makes some lovely noise on the overrun.
    As the TEC video says, it saves weight, which is a nice to have and visually, the bike looks no different to stock.
    I suppose if you’ve read this far and they’re in stock, you’re going to buy.
    I would.
    Ride safe.

  43. Danny E.

    Just wanted to know if anyone has had an emissions test with the X-Pipe in place, before I commit to this wonderful piece of engineering sorcery.

  44. Roger S.

    Quality bit of kit :joy:

  45. Fernando C.

    Very satisfied with the product. Good finish, easy to install, fits perfectly without modification and installed without any elevator. The performance is fantastic, as it rises in revolutions much more happily and the sound in both acceleration and retention is wonderful. So very happy with the product and the treatment received.

  46. Malcolm F.

    Top quality product and very good value. Laborious process to fit (but we all know that) – but the Youtube video is excellent and a massive help. Has transformed the bike, free-er revving, livelier response, improved (fantastic!) sound…

  47. Charles F.

    Top !

  48. Daniel G.

    Great service but unit not getting fitted till 1st August – Will post reviews on the various sites – dont expect any issues

  49. Ian M.

    This item is well made with good quality welding but I did have reservations about the dimensional accuracy, which is the only reason I’m docking 1 star. My T100 cat was 125-126mm between pipe centres whereas the TEC unit was 130mm, making it difficult to get the headers on without damaging the seals. The diameter of the rear pipe flanges was about 2mm greater than the original, which meant that the seal clamps didn’t fit as snugly as they ought to, with a risk of deforming the seals. That said, it went on eventually and sealed OK. The noise is great, much more throaty without being embarrassingly loud. Installation tips: 1) Disconnect the lambda sensor cabling – you only have to slide the tank back a bit. You can unscrew the sensors by twisting the cabling but doing them back up that way is too difficult. 2) File a lead-in chamfer round the front pipe edges otherwise you risk gouging the soft pipe seals. 3) Fit the rear seals and clamps before mounting the unit because you won’t get them on afterwards (as I found out to my cost :))

  50. Douglas M.

    Very well made and very quick delivery, although sum instructions would have been nice , but I just watched the YouTube clip again and took notes , fairly straight forward to fit , bike now makes the noise I was looking for without having to change my pipes :blush: well done George

  51. Chang y.

    If you buy 8 only discount?
    Use mailing?

  52. jake

    Big difference in sound (with original stock pipes on ) and more but smoother power deliver IMO!! highly recomed

  53. Charles R.

    Parts arrived on time, fitted to bike with no problems, happy days.

  54. Boris V.

    Installed the x-Pipe and the Booster plug. The bike goes so much smoother and of course it sounds awesome with the V&H buffles out!

  55. Roderick

    Arrived from the U.K. this morning. Had it on the bike a couple of hours later. Has a more throaty sound .went for a ride, and had a lot less heat radiating out for under the bike. Seems to have a bit more speed at the top end The x pipe is well made and easy to fit. If you haven’t got one yet order it now, you won’t regret it.

  56. Rene O.

    TOP, A+++

  57. Mustafa Ö.

    The change in the sound is amazing and you can feel the relief of the engine. Nothing is holding the bike anymore.

  58. Jules

    Had de cat put on yesterday,sound with standard cans superb.

  59. M H.

    Just fitted my X pipe to my new Speed Twin, this is a well made item, my bike sounds like it should now, even on stock silencers, also fitted the boooster plug, which was very simple. The X pipe was quite labour intensive but that’s because the speed twin does have a balancer pipe as an added complication that makes everything a little tighter, and a large torx bolt for the frame engine mount, but that’s of no fault to the X pipe fitment, just take your time and you will be rewarded with a great sounding bike and a big weight saving. Just waiting for the rain to stop now to go out and give it a test!

  60. simon s.

    will it fit triumph bobber black 2018?.



  62. John C.

    Good quality and no problems fitting thanks to U tube vidio.very happy with the prompt delivery. Bike sounds great and feels more responsive.

  63. Mr T.

    The De-cat X-pipe has transformed the bike. It’s well worth doing. The pipe it self is high quality and the mechanic who fitted it for me didn’t report any problems in fitting it.

  64. Legs

    I received TEC X-pipe and Booster Plug and both are great performers. For X-Pipe it took 6 hours for two persons to attach because it did not fit straight away but required serious tinkering with the fittings that were a bit off. Also had to dremel the insides of the pipe to ensure even flow. The end results are worth it and the T120 is transformed for the better; The throttle snatchiness is gone and the bike handles much more precisely. I have not dynoed it, but It feels also livelier.

  65. Amish R.

    I have the V&H EU cans and my ECU has been remapped. However after having this fitted I could feel the improvement immediately. The engine is so smooth and feels even more responsive. When i close the throttle it pops and farts across the entire rev range, whereas before it only did it in the higher revs. Its not too much noisier but it has a deep rumble and sounds amazing now. My local dealer charged me 2 hours labour to fit. Whichever Bonneville you have, treat yourself and your bike to this.

  66. Mark B.

    Recently fitted the Tec Bikeparts X-Pipe to my 2018 Thruxton R. As most X-Pipe suppliers advise in their videos it is a quite a tricky little job but worth the effort. Bike sounds great, definitely runs & accelerates better and engine seems to stay cooler.
    Quality of the Tec X-Pipe is superb and delivery service second to none. Thanks to George too for his additional advice. Mark. Derby

  67. Martin Pascoe (verified owner)

    Very well made ,great welds,and fitted perfectly.

  68. Mark (verified owner)

    This is a must have. Fitted to my Speed Twin and combined with a set of Weslake shorty pro’s its how a triumph should sound. Good quality product from a great team.

  69. Brian Mitchell (verified owner)

  70. Nicolas (verified owner)

    Envoi rapide, qualité très bonne. Sans hésitation…

  71. Bob Kempson (verified owner)

    Excellent service. Excellent product with very instructive fitting video!

  72. Emilia (verified owner)

    Not installed yet but it’s a bit sexy in hand 🙂

  73. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Result is good, fitting was a pain and this was due to welds of hanger mounts not being in the correct position. Bending these made fitting possible but not an easy fun job which I was hoping for.

  74. Con W. (verified owner)

    The only thing is after I purchased the product it was on sale.

  75. Jamie Cornelissen (verified owner)

    Great service, item arrived in NZ in about a week. Great quality and price. Item gave my Bobber a deeper note at idle with stock pipes and more growl with more gas. Volume up a bit but have since de-baffled stock mufflers and my bobber now sounds like it should. Would I buy the x-pipe again…yes I would. A video helped with install, cheers.

  76. GERARD LIVET (verified owner)

    Perfect and quick delivery.

  77. Steven (verified owner)

    Well made good quality part

  78. Brian Druce (verified owner)

    All good

  79. PAUL BRADBERRY (verified owner)

    Great quality and price easy to fit.

  80. Paul T. (verified owner)

    Brilliant service

  81. Brian (verified owner)

    Absolutely fabulous service. It appeared the item had gone missing on it’s way to Australia, and Matt immediately refunded the postage, and arranged to ship a replacement. Fortunately, the original order arrived, and I was able to contact Matt to stop shipping the replacement.

    The replacement was arranged without me having to ask, not something I’m used to. Part is well made, and of quality materials.

  82. Mark Korgitta (verified owner)

    Received today, looks like very good quality and workman ship, will fit today and review again. Regards Mark. Now fitted, very simple to fit no problems bike seems to run much better and sounds better. Thank you , regards mark. Ps may buy a cam next after I see a performance test on the 1200 speedmaster.

  83. Graeme C. (verified owner)

    Part looks spot on not fitted yet. Will fit soon when I get time.

  84. MARK WARD (verified owner)

    Only very slight adjustment when fitting

  85. Colin W. (verified owner)

    First class

  86. Mike Tilley (verified owner)

    Fantastic service and fitted it without to much trouble. Sounds better, now need some new exhausts!

  87. David Hayman (verified owner)

    Very nicely manufactured item and very easy to install, thank you.

  88. matej k. (verified owner)

    have not installed yet.. so..

  89. Gary Harton (verified owner)

    Super fast service. Not fitted the x pipe yet. But impressed by the quality

  90. Richard H. (verified owner)

    Good product quick service thanks.

  91. John Chease (verified owner)

    Fast delivery , looks great but not yet fitted it.

  92. Graham (verified owner)

    Prompt attention and delivery, well packaged. Thanks Matt

  93. Roy P. (verified owner)

    Ordered Monday afternoon arrived Wednesday morning brilliant service

  94. Eric D. (verified owner)

    It’s the third one I buy, it’s always perfect. Best quality price!

  95. peter K. (verified owner)

    was amazed at how quickly this was shipped, looks to be very high quality, welds are perfect.

  96. Anonymous (verified owner)

    compliant product and perfect service i advise

  97. Jamie Frost (verified owner)

    Great product and swift delivery. Some slight flares could aid getting the inlets over the seal tape at the base of the headers.

  98. Karl F. (verified owner)

    Great bit of kit. To fit was easy, taking approx. 90 – 120 minutes. With standard pipes, my decibel meter gave an increased reading of 2 decibels, but gives the sound an aggressive rasp at 3000 rpm. Delivery was within 48 hours of order and I would definitely recommend TEC

  99. Roger D. (verified owner)

    My second X pipe from Tec, great value for money and good fit.

  100. kevin grainger (verified owner)

    Turn up 2 days after i placed the order fitted it at the weekend bike sounds great
    Even with the standard silences

  101. Geir O. (verified owner)

    Thank you Tec Bike Parts, just perfect service! Recommended to all..

  102. Harry Armstrong (verified owner)

    Prompt delivery. Perfect fit. Beautifully made. Fitting video was terrific.
    Had no trouble fitting it.
    Bike has a bit more go with X pipe fitted.
    I have Cone mufflers fitted to this bike and was concerned that the X pipe may make it too loud.
    It’s only slightly louder, but I do have baffles fitted, haven’t tried without baffles.
    Still has some popping on overrun, but no worse than before.
    I will fit a fuel boosta plug and see if that helps.
    There is noticeably less heat from motor around town with X pipe fitted.
    I’m in Australia, so pretty hot here in Feb.
    Thank you for a great product at a great price and terrific service.

  103. Ivor (verified owner)

    Great sound and performance!

  104. Fred O. (verified owner)

    Quite involved procedure but we’ll worth the time and effort. BIKE sounds great also seems to breath better. Thanks again tec bikeparts

  105. Michael Liston (verified owner)

    Good quality item – really well made. Bit fiddly to fit but no reflection on the fit or quality of the TEC item.

  106. GRAHAM F. (verified owner)

    Really speedy delivery took 3 hours to fit a little bit of swearing! But really pleased with the quality and difference it has made to the bike!

  107. Chris Powell (verified owner)

    Very nicely designed and engineered part which fitted perfectly to my Speed Twin. Great sound and better performance…with less weight now the catalytic converter has been removed. The price was fair as well. All things considered I am very happy with this purchase

  108. Andrew Goodall (verified owner)

    Easy to fit and makes the bike sound better and run smoother.

  109. john kelly (verified owner)

    Great product, does what it says

  110. Gonzalo (verified owner)

    muy buen accesorio

  111. Karl K. (verified owner)


  112. sebastien (verified owner)

    All was perfect . Thank you very much 🙂

  113. ian c. (verified owner)

    not a quick item to fit but makes a huge difference in the sound even on standard pipe

  114. Anonymous (verified owner)


  115. heudier (verified owner)

    Un tarif abordable et donne une sonorité bien plus sympa a la moto…
    La pièce est de qualité. Seul bémol, C’est un peu galère à installer.

  116. Sebastian (verified owner)

    Made the purchase after reviewing several others, and having good experiences with Tec in the past.
    I live over in Berlin at the moment, so I was a little apprehensive about delivery during Coronavirus, but the part arrived perfectly intact, and I can’t wait to install it over the weekend!

  117. Francesco L. (verified owner)


  118. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Good product, quick despatch

  119. Dominique C. (verified owner)


  120. Trevor K. (verified owner)

  121. Jindrich (verified owner)

    Fast delivery to Prague, perfect communication. Would buy again. Thank you..:-)

  122. Ron S. (verified owner)

    Excellent service and delivery considering the lock down conditions.
    Fitting the decat was easy enough following the video guide. No need to remap.

  123. David Wright (verified owner)

    Well pleased with this upgrade. Fitting to my 2019 Street Twin was basically straight forward, although the nut to upper frame fixing bolt was a pig to get at. A little bit of tweaking was required to get the heat guard to fit. Took me four hours overall including loosening addition items around the head stock to provide access to the the difficult nut and cleaning up the exhausts before refitting. Also fitted DNA filter the week before. The bike now runs much better, with both improved pick up and cooler running. An added bonus is the noise. It now sounds like a proper Triumph even with standard pipes.

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