TEC ‘SPRINT’ 2-2 SHORT stainless full exhaust system for Triumph

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Following the popularity of our TRACKER short-style 2>1 exhaust and the demand from our customers for a 2>2 version of the TRACKER we have developed this top quality 2>2 SPRINT exhaust system.

Benefits include:

  • Easily removable baffles
  • You can ADJUST THE VOLUME, simply add holes to the baffles in stages.
  • Mounting points for sensors in header pipes. Carburetor bikes use blanking screws supplied in the exhaust kit for these models.
  • Can be used with a Center Stand.
  • Full system weighs just 7KG and is a great weight saving compared to the standard exhaust.
  • Easy to fit with basic tools: full instructions provided.

Suitable for:

  • Triumph Bonneville, T100, Thruxton and SE models from year 2000 to 2015.
  • It does NOT fit America or Speedmaster models.
    All Triumph EFI and Carburetor models listed above, as supplied with all parts and gaskets included in the kit.
  • Can be fitted to Scrambler with some modification: you will need Bonneville exhaust center mounting bolts and bushings from Triumph, and some mechanical problem-solving ability.see this you tube video for a better idea of what’s involved in fitting to a Scrambler.

We are pleased to offer this very well made, good looking and great sounding “short track” system at a price that represents real value for money.

The complete exhaust system is manufactured in stainless steel so it will not rust after two years like some chrome exhausts.

The TEC system has a satin brushed “titanium look” finish. It can be highly polished if you want the “chrome look”. It can also be ceramic coated black, etc.

Unlike many other name brand exhaust systems, our exhaust will fit with a center stand and features removable baffles. With the baffles fitted, it is pretty quiet. With the baffles modified, it is fairly loud, but not obnoxiously so. The baffles are held by “C” clips for quick access.

Dyno developed to improve Torque and BHP with a 5-10% improvement right across the range.

Improves fuel economy due to increased efficiency.

No modification is required to the fuel system if the baffles are left in place. However, if the baffles are removed or extensively modified, it is then necessary to increase jet sizes on carburetor bikes.

With respect to EFI bikes, it is strongly recommended that a Triumph dealer or independent tuning specialist update the program on the fuel injection system the same as they would for an Arrow system (5 minute job). This is because the system flows far better than the stock system when the baffle is substantially modified and releases all the power that is available.

At time of purchase it is necessary to indicate whether your bike is:

A Carb or EFI model, and also whether you have a center stand fitted so that we can supply the correct exhaust kit for your individual machine.

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23 reviews for TEC ‘SPRINT’ 2-2 SHORT stainless full exhaust system for Triumph

  1. Jason

    For those of you deciding what way to go
    After a recent accident I replaced my damaged 2-2 arrow exhausts with the TEC 2-2 tracker on my Thruxton.
    I was a bit apprehensive at first about trying the TEC exhausts (no one I know has them ) but the quality is superb and the sound is fantastic, I wouldn’t give it a second thought if I had to decide again and I would spend all the money I saved on more TEC goodies.

    My bike ran the Triumph Twin Power map 3 with air box baffle, 02 and oxy sensors removed and TTP bell-mouth with the arrows before hand and runs just as good (maybe a bit better) with the TEC 2-2 tracker.

  2. Gary

    I’ve had the 2-2 Sprint installed on my ’13 Thruxton with the Arrow 2-2 mapping. What a difference to the stock exhausts! I’m currently running with the baffles out, and they are loud! Definitely need ear plugs in for this. I think with a pillion it will be difficult to hear them, so I’ll probably experiment with the baffles in and modify them until I get the right volume, and of course the beauty is that I can easily take them out in seconds if I’m going for a ride solo.
    I think the Sprint version look great on the bike, personally I prefer the shorter look as I’ve had a few other mods done so they suit the look of my bike better.
    So far very happy – I like the handmade look and I think the finish is great. It’s not to the perfect finish standard of a British Customs or Arrow etc but these are not mass produced and I like the handmade look, and of course at a fraction of the price for a full system compared to slip-ons from Arrow, BC etc you can’t go wrong.

  3. Jose P.

    Overall I am satisfied. Although solders are quite unsightly. and I know what I’m talking about, since I’m a welder. Otherwise I am happy with them.

  4. Le E.

    Great look, smashing sound, easy to fit, all this thing for a good price.
    as Georges say : “what else..”

  5. Mustansir E.

    Amazing till now!!!

  6. Andy M.

    Quality bit of kit fellas made it a joy to fit and that sound, my bud’s wanting a bonnie now after hearing it on song haha

  7. Charles R.

    Easy to fit sounds great nice price..

  8. Guy D.

    I found these exhausts easy to fit and an improvement over the standard exhaust’s in style. The brushed finish is nice and certainly fits the urban look. Although on reflection a polished option might provide a “standard” finish to an excellent after market part. After remapping these exhausts really do help the bike to rev much cleaner. Very pleased with choice although I might polish them. Excellent value, the only real aftermarket choice for your Bonnie.

  9. Dave A.

    There is nothing about this system I do not like. From the look to the sound it’s excellent, Can’t believe the price for a full stainless system. Just love it!

  10. SIMONE F.

    Great exhaust with great price

  11. Andy H.

    As the above title suggests for the money you can’t really go too wrong. I love the length of the pipes, the sound it gives off and ordering and shipment was a breeze, plus fitting them to the bike, even with limited knowledge was a fairly painless task. I’ve seen similar products for much more money so I’m happy with my purchase. For me, the only downside has been the discolouration of the headers and a few black spots that appear. Easy enough to clean off with but a bit of a pain.

  12. Steve

    Fitted these in under an hour. Really simple job. Opened air box intake and binned the baffle. Fitted bigger jets and the bike feels like a different machine. Can’t recommend these pipes highly enough. The quality is excellent and they sound fantastic, with and without the baffles.

  13. Paulo T.

    excellent product. fast delivery to Portugal in 3 days. More power, and a wonderful sound. simple assembly. I recommend seller.

  14. William C.

    recently purchased a Sprint 2-2 stainless exhaust and a couple of other parts items turned up on time and are a good quality,exhaust is good quality and an excellent fit,centre stand bracket was missing but one phone call and the item was dispatched the same day ,Excellent service would use again

  15. simon f.

    Quick delivery. Well packaged. Easy to fit. Welding a bit rustic,but all in all good value for money with a erection inducing sound.

  16. Carl F.

    Big improvement over the stock exhausts on my T100. They’re a fair bit louder, even with the baffles in, but not so much to annoy the neighbours first thing in the morning.
    Fitting was fairly straight forward. They’re a tight fit and you’ll need to jiggle them into the correct position. I was a bit worried the frame mount was about 5mm out but it reached after a bit of perseverance.

    If fitting to a 790cc carbed bike you will need to change the jets. The instructions suggest a minimum of 112.5, comments on the YouTube install video suggest 115. It would be helpful if this was in the description as I ended up having to order new jets after they had arrived which delayed fitting by a couple of days.

    Overall they appear well made and I’d recommend.

  17. richard t.

    can not fault this exhaust system,installation was easy no drama. as a plus you have a great exhaust note

  18. Steve

    What a beautiful sound.
    It really is the best.
    I have a heavily modified r120.
    It’s up to you but without the baffles the exhaust note has got to be the best on road safety device.
    The best money spent so far on an accessory.

  19. derek Dyke (verified owner)

    Easy to fit, sounds great, nicely priced.. Thanks

  20. Steven Morley (verified owner)

    I have had a few products from tec I cannot knock there quality it’s first class I would recommend to others people, this exhaust system spot on

  21. Robert (verified owner)

    Exhaust looks nice and all the parts fit. (Except one of the headers that was a little oval in the end and needed a squeeze in the vice before it would slide on the silencer)

  22. Reece Mulley (verified owner)

    Could not fault these one bit , they sound great and the instructions along with a video was a nice touch , baffles can be easily removed and put back in with ease , couldn’t believe what I got for the price , nice job

  23. Chris S. (verified owner)

    Had to wait a few weeks to have these fitted, didn’t have the confidence to fit myself. Well worth the wait. The exhausts look superb. I particularly like the manufactured look of them as opposed to mass produced pipes. Oh and the engine note is music to the ears. TEC’s customer service was spot on answering all my email enquiry’s promptly, and believe me there were a few. Will be buying more TEC products.

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