TEC RAIDER 2-1 Stainless Exhaust System – Speed Twin 1200cc and Thruxton 1200cc models


TEC designed and manufactured 304 Stainless 2-1 full exhaust system.

Produced for the Speed Twin 1200cc and Thruxton 1200cc models from 2016 onward.

This system has been designed to de-cat your bike.  Having no cat means it runs much cooler.

Save loads of weight on the stock pipes.

Sound fantastic, but not too loud with our specially developed hi-flow baffle system.  Watch videos for an idea of sound but best heard in person.

Provides better throttle response.

Enhances the classic look of these bikes.

Pipes follow the frame lines and are styled around the exhausts fitted to 1960’s Bonneville. Clean lines and bends are tucked in really tight to the motor.

Helps to hide the radiator.

Gives better mid range torque.

Improved output right across the rev range.

Works with standard ECU and no re-mapping is required.

Removable baffle system with alternate types available.  However, we recommend running with one of our baffle options installed or you can shorten the life of the system.

Lifetime warranty on your pipework with 12 month warranty on silencer (same as OE Triumph).

All parts including gaskets are included in the kit with full instructions to fit to your bike.

Full after care and technical back up from a trusted UK family company.

We recommend that you run the bike with the baffle fitted as running without can shorten the life of the system.

Designed to perform with or without our other tuning parts for the 1200cc motors.

Euro 5 – You must run with a baffle in on Euro 5 bikes


Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Kenneth Burnige
Raider 2-1

Looks good Feals like the engine is breathing like it should and you do notice the difference in the weight 👍

Tec Raider 2 exhaust

I installed this exhaust on a 2021 Speed Twin. What an experience. I had already watched the exhaust removal on You Tube and thought it wouldn't be too bad. How wrong I was when during the removal process I discovered that Triumph has welded the rear exhaust pipes to the cat box. I almost gave up but decided to keep going. You have to completely remove the left side frame rail and leave it dangling to the rear. There are a lot of bolts to remove and you need to separate the heat shield from the cat box. You will have to have the bike on a paddock stand and the higher off the ground the better. Put some rags on the frame to prevent scratching. With a lot of wiggling you will get it out on the left side by moving the left rear pipe around under the bike. You will have to bend the hanger inwards on the right rear pipe. Not much though. You will also need a Torx 55 impact socket driver to undo the frame to engine bolt. I believe it will be impossible to fit an X pipe cat eliminator so I am glad I didn't go that route. Anyway the new exhaust was quite reasonable to fit. Takes a little bit of juggling but if you follow the instructions you will be fine. Just make sure the left exhaust pipe stays seated in the crossover pipe otherwise it will leak. I love the look of the exhaust and have only started it a couple of times with the baffle in and it sounds good. Off for a ride tomorrow.

Robert Day
Top quality pipe

Just fitted the Raider 2-1 decat pipe to my Thruxton R.
From opening the super lightweight box and revealing the architectural quality stainless kit to fitting the whole experience has been great.

The YouTube video is essential watching to understand how to tease the frame apart and remove the cat. The installation is a fairly lengthy but straightforward process (remember to bend the spring clip brackets to suit!). It’s a good 2-3 hours work but the end result looks ace and sounds fantastic - puts a smile on this 62 year old face (12 year old brain though!).
Baffle is perfect - without it sounds rough and it’s advised to run with it in. It’s true - the exhaust note and the pop and crackle in the overrun is “joyous” as the poet said.
Overall really outstanding value and the email service before and through delivery were first class.
Lovely people to deal with and the best mod I can think of for the bike. Might have to go for the fuel booster plug next!
More power to you TecBikeParts 👍🏼

Thunderous thruxton.

Having watched reviews on how to fit,was expecting a bit of a battle.Managed it in 2 hours.Sounds amazing with baffle in.Will order the bash plate next to cover gap where the cat was.Well worth the price.

Tommaso Comotti

Good value for Money, Easy installation