TEC Performance Camshaft – Royal Enfield Himalayan 410cc


First announced in June 2020 – We have known for a while how to unleash more power from this 410cc motor.  Due to obvious global circumstances this part saw some delays but has now been fully tested and is ready to go.

Made in the UK from scratch with a single piece of machined billet steel before being heat treated for hardness.

Elsewhere you will find that competitors have just ground the base circle on the stock Himalayan camshaft.  However, we found that this restricted the way the timing and lift could be changed.  Lift on a re-ground stock cam is also restricted by the tappet adjustment range to about 0.5 Millimetre in lift.  Modifying a stock cam also means the exhaust valve lifter arm needs to be ground very thin.

So, you can see why we started with a fresh blank steel billet and developed this drop-in Camshaft. This also means the problematic exhaust valve lifter mechanism is no longer needed due to the Camshaft timing and valve overlap.

Tested extensively on all Euro 4 and 5 models during summer and winter temperatures.

Easily fitted by amateur mechanics (see our detailed video below) and even without any other changes to the ECU this will give around 20% extra power. Detailed written instructions with diagrams included with the part.

Please see the Dyno sheets on our 2019 stock Euro 4 Himalayan with standard ECU, more power can be gained with other simple changes if you wanted to go further.

The 3 Dyno runs are:

1) Bottom line – stock Euro 4 Himalayan
2) Centre line – Same bike with just the new camshaft installed, no other changes
3) Top line – Same bike with camshaft and DNA air filter and free flow silencer installed

One big advantage is that the bike now has the power to pull an extra tooth on the front sprocket which gives higher cruising speeds at lower revs with the added bonus of improved MPG.

This camshaft will completely transform your bike! Runs smoother with no more struggling to over-take 56 MPH lorries!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Must-have mod

Overtaking cars is a breeze now.

Robert Simpson
It works..

Waited to post a review as it wasn't run in, a good run to Founder's Day sorted that out today...the bike now feels much less asthmatic, and accelerates really well in the higher gears. Really happy with it, would recommend it thoroughly! Got to gear it up on the front sprocket now...Rob

Tim Jones
This "TEC" cam really works!

The camshaft arrived within 7 days "I live in New Zealand" well done.
My Himalayan is a carb model 2018 but has been re-sleeved and bored to 84mm, 477cc, plus I de-shrouded the valves and cleaned the ports around the valves seats, this was done about 12 months ago, also de-cat and straight through exhaust.
Fitting the cam was straight forward.
Performance to 4000rpm is similar to pre-cam fitment, maybe a little stronger but this is only seat of the pants testing, but builds all the way through to 7000rpm, where as before would tail off from around 5500rpm.
The gains in power are very good, but has also increased the usable rpm range which has made it easier to ride.
Thanks guys great job!

Martin W
Bargain Power Boost

Arrived very quickly, fitted as advertised with no issues and bike started straight up. Genuine, noticeable, increase in power throughout the range as shown in the dyno chart. Bike us otherwise standard. Have had it on now for 200 miles, and also fitted a 16T g/box sprocket. Makes 60-70mph cruising much more relaxed. Feels like this is how the bike was designed, before being hobbled by emissions.

Dean Leith
TEC Cam RE Himalayan

The best bolt on modification for the Himalayan, credit to the TEC team for developing and bringing alive their solution for the 410 Himalayan, which transforms the bike in more ways than one. Part throttle cruising is much better and the overall torque and power delivery is instantly noticeable from the start. A relatively straight forward install for anyone with a good mechanical ability. It would be worth buying a cam chain tensioner gasket or as in my case make your own. 50ml of Loctite 5900 is more than sufficient for sealing the cam cover. An excellent upgrade, thanks again TEC bike parts 5*****.