TEC Performance Camshaft – 1200cc Motors Thruxton / Thruxton/ T120/ Bobber


TEC 303 Performance Camshaft for 1200cc water-cooled motors from 2016 onward.

Fits Triumph  Thruxton, Thruxton R, Bobber, T120.

Will NOT fit Thruxton TFC or Thruxton RS.  Due to higher compression ratio on these models.

Suitable for replacing the original camshaft in bikes using the (Triumph part number) T1147025 camshaft.

When Triumph originally announced the 1200cc bikes and accessory range they listed a performance camshaft and de-cat exhaust (Camshaft part number A9610492).  However, likely due to changes in Emission laws, they decided not to offer the cam or de-cat exhaust for sale.

We decided to develop our own cam for the 1200cc bikes based on that performance camshaft concept. Our 303 cam has more lift, duration and overlap than the standard cam and is designed to give a good spread of power right across the rev range.

The lack of overlap on all Euro 4 cams is one of the biggest areas that can easily be improved on.


Obviously we can only sell this camshaft for off road and closed circuit competition use. The use is entirely at the discretion of the owner.

Can be used as a stand alone modification with no other changes.  Just bolt in and go (just like Triumph designed it to be).  Can also be used with exhaust, air box and other changes for further gains in performance.

For example with only the camshaft and no other performance modifications on a 1200 Thruxton, we saw an instant power gain to 103 BHP (104.5 PS) and 83 Ft Lb of torque at the rear wheel.  See below Dyno graphs.

With a de-cat exhaust fitted (see Dyno below) this went up to 107 BHP (108.5 PS) and 84Ft Lb at the rear wheel.

All runs with standard ECU tune (latest anti-stall Triumph dealer map).  All runs were performed on the same dyno using same grade of super unleaded fuel.

Further gains can be made if you want to add a power commander and air box mods.

The video is a guide only and I would suggest using it along side the workshop manual from Triumph or Haynes.

Part numbers:
alternator cover gasket  – T1268765
CAM screws T40 head  – T3053005
Cam tensioner O rings – T3600199 + T3601276
Tightening torques
Cam sprocket screws 22 NM
camshaft bearing carriers 10Nm
Head top cover 14Nm
Alternator cover bolts 10Nm
Cam tensioner  16NM

Fitting video:

TEC Performance Camshaft in action

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Customer Reviews

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T120 cam Confused.

Hi I'm in the middle of fitting the high lift cam to My 2018 T120
The TEC 303 shaft does not seam to have a capacity to fit the sprung mechanism which is on the original one.

Could someone please shed some light?

Thank you.


I have a T120 2018 fitted TEC cam and H pipe also had power commander fitted and live mapped pipes are BC sleeper. I’m happy with how smooth it all is now but power….. only make 84 at wheel so up from standard but pound for pound not really worth it best leaving cam and just doing all the rest

Faraz Tabatabaie
Great products even better customer service

Haven't fitted the cam yet but the fork top preloaded adjusters confused me a little as they came with extra washers aluminium, and steel shims. Maybe some instructions with the kits would be good. But most products have a YouTube video to help you.

nile mosley
overhaul LC t120

I am not a mechanic, and the last bike i fixed was 25 years ago.
So feedback from a amateur.

Rear shocks. easy. Only unknown was about the delrin sleeves.

Front shocks. On the t120, i needed the special tool, as i also replaced the gators and seals. i tried an electric impact driver, but the dampng rod just spun in the tube. Easy enough to replace springs and spacers. Easy in situ too.

X box. the rubbers on my 3 year old bike were rock hard making fitting impossible. New ones and it went on easier, but it was a pain getting the whole exhaust back on again. A couple hours, and it was done. Invoked Tourettes.

Cam. Easy. Only difference from instruction video was I loosened the cam sprocket screws before dismantling as i have no vice. I used a m6 and angle grinder for engine lock.

Today i started her up. First time. Nervous. First oil leak was from the rocker box gasket. Easy. Second was the rubber grommet on the alternater cover. I had to use silicone sealant as super glue didn't seem to work.

Everything seems fine. I started her up, and let her run until fan came on then waited for 12 minutes.

I have only ridden this bike for 20km. i bought used with 30,000km on the clock. The chain, brakes, sprockets and both front and back bearings, also needed to be replaced. So i figured do all in one go.

And now my village is in lockdown! sigh. i must wait a little longer.
She sounds loud! lol.

David Tapara
happy Chappy.

Order arrived in record time and now excitedly await fitment. Shall try to update once the tec motors cam is fitted. Confident I will not be disappointed .