TEC Performance Camshaft – 1200cc Motors Speed Twin, Scrambler XC/XE, Speedmaster1200, Bobber Black


TEC 303 X Performance Camshaft for select 1200cc water-cooled motors from 2019 onward.

UK made from heat treated Steel billet stock.

Fits Triumph Speed Twin, Scrambler 1200 XC/XE, Speedmaster, Bobber Black

Triumph have changed the cam and part number in the above bikes and it is slightly different to the cam fitted in the other early 1200cc engines in the T120, Bobber, Thruxton and Thruxton R 1200cc models.

It looks like they will be phasing in this cam for all 1200cc bikes eventually except the TFC special models. So due to customer demand we have made a version of our performance cam to fit these models called the TEC303 X.


Suitable for replacing the original camshaft in bikes using the (Triumph part number): T 1147525 camshaft.

In 2016  when Triumph originally announced the 1200cc bikes and accessory range they listed a performance camshaft and de-cat exhaust (Camshaft part number A9610492).  However, likely due to changes in USA Emission laws, they decided not to offer the cam or de-cat exhaust for sale after the bikes were released.

We decided to develop our own cam for the 1200cc bikes based on that performance camshaft concept.

Our 303 cam has more lift, duration and overlap than the standard cam and is designed to give a good spread of power and Torque right across the rev range, without need of any other modification to the motor. Basically a fast road cam, much more usable than a race cam.

The lack of exhaust lift and overlap on all Euro 4 cams is one of the biggest areas that can easily be improved on.


Obviously we can only sell this camshaft for off road and closed circuit competition use. The use is entirely at the discretion of the owner.

Can be used as a stand alone modification with no other changes.  Just bolt in and go (just like Triumph designed it to be).  Can also be used with exhaust, air box and other changes for further gains in performance.

Typical power gains in a stock bike are over 10+ BHP at rear wheel. Very slight reduction in torque below 2500 RPM (but not noticeable when riding ) with very noticeable torque gains at all revs above 2500 to rev limit ( see how wide and flat the torque curve is ) More torque = improved acceleration and less gear changing.

Click here for Dyno Runs

Please see before and after dyno maps on a stock 1200 scrambler.  Both the before and after runs have full standard exhaust with cat and both runs are with standard pump unleaded fuel.

The only none standard parts on both runs are DNA air filter and Boosterplug.  ECU was on factory standard mapping. With the BoosterPlug fitted air/fuel ratio was fine.

Even more power will be available with an ECU remap as revs can safely be extended by 500 RPM and ignition advanced if you run super unleaded fuel. Further gains can be made if you improve the exhaust flow or remove the Cat.

On Speedmaster and Bobber models – to get the best results, we highly recommend using pod filters or similar as the stock air-boxes on these models are too restrictive.

The video is a guide only and I would suggest using it along side the workshop manual from Triumph or Haynes.

Part numbers:
alternator cover gasket  – T1268765
CAM screws T40 head  – T3053005
Cam tensioner O rings – T3600199 + T3601276
Tightening torques
Cam sprocket screws 22 NM
camshaft bearing carriers 10Nm
Head top cover 14Nm
Alternator cover bolts 10Nm
Cam tensioner  16NM

Fitting video:


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Ian Muir

I fitted the performance cam to my 2018 1200 speedmaster the result is fantastic my bike is better in every gear right through the rev range Thruxton’s & speed twins no longer pull away.

Georg Pusch
Cam Shaft

I ordered the camshaft in december--fast delivery--unfortunately I can't install the camshaft yet because our local Triumph dealer doesn't have the required parts (seals for chain tensioner etc.) in stock yet--thank Corona.
But I am looking forward to it

Greetings from Austria