TEC LOWERING Alloy Gas Shocks – Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 & Continental GT 650 – 15 x Way Adjustable Damping/Adjustable length feature


These shocks are built to order and may take up to 5 working days to built.

TEC LOWERING All alloy rear gas piggyback shocks with adjustable damping to fit Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 & Continental GT 650.


All Black

Silver (clear alloy) body with Black springs

The shocks feature:

  • A lot of customers find the seat height on the new RE twins a little high.  These lowering shocks allow the seat height to be dropped by a max of 2 inches.
  • Our triple rate progressive springs.
  • They are adjustable in length from 335mm to 347mm between centres and can lower the seat by a maximum of 2 inches.
  • 15 way adjustable ‘click’ rebound damping.
  • Built to order with springs to suit the rider weight.  Please advise rider or pillion weight when ordering.  Or springs will be supplied for average weight rider.  If you have any questions just ask.

The design is much cleaner than the original shocks provided on the bike, which are a bit rounded and chunky in our opinion.

Provides better damping performance and are lighter than the original units.

Shocks are supplied ready to fit will all necessary fittings and adjustment spanner included.

Supplied with detailed written instructions.

Please watch our video series on our YouTube channel about the Interceptor for more information about looks, performance and fitting.


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Tec lowering gas shocks

Arrived in a few days, look well made, not fitted yet due to lockdown. Great service

height makes all the difference

The shocks have given me just enough reduction in height to allow me to back the bike now, previously i just couldn't get enough grip - I'm 5ft 3in and 54kg, i have ridden it once since installation and handles well and is a softer ride. Very happy with the product and also the email help to my questions

Great new rear shocks

Definitely an improvement over the original shocks. The ride is firmer than the original shocks and I prefer the black over the gold colour. I have only had them on a couple of weeks and my bike is used for urban commutes in Sydney. Haven't really played around with the settings as yet but looking forward to adjusting them to my ride. The height of the seat is only a tiny bit lower on the setting as sent, assume I can take it lower still but haven't tried as yet. TEC always comes through with great quality gear and backs it up with excellent customer service. I have no hesitation in recommending these shocks, and TEC products generally, to others.

Lowering shocks

Bought these TEC shocks to improve the ride over standard RE650 shicks and lower slightly due to my lack height, extremely happy a great product for the money, good upgrade over standard in my opinion, excellent service and advice from George at TEC thank you from Ivor.

Great shocks!

Bought these to lower the seat height, at 5’ 6” I found it difficult to get both feet flat on the floor. Trying to get the top bolt off the interceptor was a nightmare and I ended up rounding off the head. In the end I had to get a mechanic in to drill the bolt out and fit the shocks.

The results were amazing. Looks a million times better than the standard springs and I can touch the floor with ease. Great handling and probably the best mod I’ve done to the bike to date. Excellent service and quick delivery by tec. Will definitely be using them again!