TEC LOWERING Alloy Gas Shocks – Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 & Continental GT 650 – 15 x Way Adjustable Damping/Adjustable length feature


These shocks are built to order and may take up to 5 working days to built.

TEC LOWERING All alloy rear gas piggyback shocks with adjustable damping to fit Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 & Continental GT 650.

Silver (clear alloy) body with Black springs

The shocks feature:

  • A lot of customers find the seat height on the new RE twins a little high.  These lowering shocks allow the seat height to be dropped by a max of 2 inches.
  • Our triple rate progressive springs.
  • They are adjustable in length from 335mm to 347mm between centres and can lower the seat by a maximum of 2 inches.
  • 15 way adjustable ‘click’ rebound damping.
  • Built to order with springs to suit the rider weight.  Please advise rider or pillion weight when ordering.  Or springs will be supplied for average weight rider.  If you have any questions just ask.

The design is much cleaner than the original shocks provided on the bike, which are a bit rounded and chunky in our opinion.

Provides better damping performance and are lighter than the original units.

Shocks are supplied ready to fit will all necessary fittings and adjustment spanner included.

Supplied with detailed written instructions.

Please watch our video series on our YouTube channel about the Interceptor for more information about looks, performance and fitting.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
robert huckenpahler
A Complete Game Changer !

I was seriously thinking of getting rid of the bike because it was too tall and top-heavy also the foot pegs were positioned awkwardly.. These lowering shocks Changed Everything!!! I Love The Bike Now ! I can't thank TEC enough! Everything is Perfect Now..It Changed the Dynamics completely! My inseam is about 29 and I'm 5'6.. This 70 year old is a happy camper now...

fernando gonzalez sanchez

Ha sido como estrenar moto nueva. La conducción es diferente. Se siente más estable y como con más agarre a la carrera. La altura ha bajado lo suficiente como para poder mover la moto montado en ella de forma segura. Has sido una buena inversión. Instalado en una Continental GT 650.

martin wild
RE Uprade.

I ordered lowering shocks for my Inrerceptor, they were greay quality, but i changed my mind about lowering the ride height and decided to swap them for a pair of standard length Tec Alloy Gas ones. I had no bother getting them swapped. Great customer service, and fast delivery as usual.

Easy job

Fitting these shocks was an easy job, best tip I can give is cable tie the front brake, read this somewhere on these reviews.
The shocks have made a noticeable difference over the standard set,much better and of course easier for me to reach the ground (short arse)
Tec are a top company to deal with, had a couple of questions sent by email and they responded almost instantly, spot on.

raymond dean
Lower CofG and more stable

Fitted the new lowering shocks to my Enfield, it was a very simple process. Also lowered the front end by about an inch to keep the geometry about right. short ish legs now touch the ground flat footed and handling feels better with just that slight drop of the CofG.