TEC Full Big Bore Stainless Exhaust System – CANNONS – Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 / Continental GT 650


IMPORTANT – READ BEFORE BUYING – This product is not USA 50 state compatible and cannot be used in the state of California.  The product is strictly for off-road/race/demonstration use only.  It is not road legal for emissions in the EU or the UK.  It is the customers responsibility to use this item responsibly to comply with local laws.  These parts are not BS-marked, E-marked or TUV-approved.

Available for the first time as a full system – we have applied a discount for buying it all at the same time.

Better sound, more power.

Better throttle response, cooler running.

Designed and manufactured by us in 304 stainless for both the headers and silencers.

45mm big bore headers, vast improvement over the cheaper and easier to manufacture 40mm pipes you will find elsewhere.

Royal Enfield’s original pipes are small bore and have a welded in cat.  This makes them very restrictive for your bike.

Our de-catted Big Bore pipes unleash a load of power.

Huge weight saving when swapping out the original system.

Full system is finished in brushed stainless.

Possible for you to polish them to a mirror finish with home polishing equipment.

No ECU mapping required.  Just fit the system and allow the ECU to auto-adjust.

Laser marked as 86 db and noise legal.

Gaskets and instructions included.

Available with stainless joint covers (at a heavy discount when buying with the system) or without (bike is pictured without) if you prefer that look.

EURO 5 – You MUST use the supplied baffles when running this system on a Euro 5 bike.  The warranty on the system will be voided if you run with no baffles.

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Paul Brown
Full exhaust system for Royal Enfield Interceptor

I’ve got a new much better bike. The difference the system has made is immense. I was more than happy with the quality and fitting to my bike. It was delivered very quickly and packed with care. Very happy and happy to give a good review. Thanks TEC

Made by Royal Enfield, upgraded by Tec

After a lot of prevarication and preparation (read: spending 1.5 hours stuffing the rubber mounting into the holes), I finally fitted these on. And I'm definitely getting some looks ????.
I'm definitely noticing the extra sound. Performance-wise, it feels a bit quicker off the mark (DNA air filter helps too), handling feels a bit better with the decreased weight.
Cheers George for the videos, they've been a massive help.

Bob McLennan
Full bore pipes & silencers set

Very clean lines, no need for joint covers. So much lighter than standard. Swapping the bushes over bit of a faff. Warm up in hot water helps, as does WD40. Buy the optional quieter baffles, the supplied ones sound like MX pipes as soon as the throttle is cracked. Gorgeous, but way to loud for the road. DNA filter, FuelX lite and these, pulls like a train and picks up revs like there's no tomorrow. Passed MOT without comment. Fit these and fall in love all over again with your 650

Dylan Lindstrom

Bought the Cannon big bore system, ordered on Tuesday night and received them the following Monday in New Zealand! Put them on my Continental Gt the next day - the bike now sounds like it looks...and it looks slicker! Great value product and great service. Thanks, will be shopping with you again ????

jamil sakhawat
You won’t regret buying it

Finally bit the bullet and bought the exhaust, I was always a fan of the original one but did want something a little louder and I felt like the power was choked a bit, so after watching some vids and reading some reviews I bought it. UK delivery was super quick. Fitting one side was tough as the middle section wouldn’t line up properly to bolt in place, I didn’t have the means to bend but after an hour of fiddling I got it in somehow. The other side took me about 15 mins. My bike had some rusty bolts which didn’t help. The exhaust totally changes the bike, the sound it an addictive bark above 3k revs, haven’t tried baffles out yet but in is enough. It feels like the low and mid range power is much more responsive and torquey. It’s so much fun now, really opened the bike up and let its character out. 100% worth the money, best purchase I’ve made in a long time.