TEC Full Big Bore Stainless Exhaust System – CANNONS – Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 / Continental GT 650


Available for the first time as a full system – we have applied a discount for buying it all at the same time.

Better sound, more power.

Better throttle response, cooler running.

Designed and manufactured by us in 304 stainless for both the headers and silencers.

45mm big bore headers, vast improvement over the cheaper and easier to manufacture 40mm pipes you will find elsewhere.

Royal Enfield’s original pipes are small bore and have a welded in cat.  This makes them very restrictive for your bike.

Our de-catted Big Bore pipes unleash a load of power.

Huge weight saving when swapping out the original system.

Full system is finished in brushed stainless.

Possible for you to polish them to a mirror finish with home polishing equipment.

No ECU mapping required.  Just fit the system and allow the ECU to auto-adjust.

Laser marked as 86 db and noise legal.

Gaskets and instructions included.

Available with stainless joint covers (at a heavy discount when buying with the system) or without (bike is pictured without) if you prefer that look.

EURO 5 – You MUST use the supplied baffles when running this system on a Euro 5 bike.  The warranty on the system will be voided if you run with no baffles.


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Michael McClean
Top marks.

Service was quick. Product top quality. Fitting very easy. With baffles removed, the sound is glorious, though not obnoxious and the look, very fitting. Combined with a DNA filter, I found the Continental's ECU didn't cope and the bike ran very lean. Hoping a Fuel X will rectify.

Luis Fernando Mendoza Martínez
Boost of power and fun

I bought the exhaust-header system a couple of weeks ago, and I'm sincerely happy with the investment. In Mexico City it is essential to be noticed in the streets, and the sound of my bike, even with the baffles in, is absolutely lovely and perceptible. The bike has become lighter, thiner, easier to handle in heavy traffic. And when it is time to hit the throttle, you feel the power of the high flow breathing system with the slightest movement of the hand. I also love to not to draw much attention with the brushed finish of the system. Bottom line, Tec Bike Parts is really into the pursuit of giving the customer a new whole experience of his bike with his Big Bore Header-Cannons exhaust system. This brand has now my confidence to continue the upgrades on my Interceptor 650. Thanks

John Anfield
Great sound, performance, looks, weight saving - very happy

Fitting was pretty straightforward following the instructions provided. Tips: use grease/copperslip to hold the copper exhaust seals in place; use boiling water to soften the rubber bushes, and to expand the clamp area of the Cannons before you slip them on (they are a tight fit, a bit of grease also helps). I used a block of wood across the end tap them on. Also, if you remove the nuts holding the horns and move them out of the way, it's fairly simple to unclip the connectors for the O2 sensors, so you don't have to twist the cables removing them. Finally, an extra pair of hands makes it a lot easier. It took us 2.5 hours including coffee break. According to my luggage scales I have saved over 9 kg, and it has transformed the bike.

Christopher Glynn

Bought the full cannon system and a load of other parts for my interceptor from tec. The parts all came today at 15:05. By 15:50 I had the full system fitted. Very easy to fit apart from the rubber bungs. Looks better weights nothing, feels quality and the sound is amazing! Very happy!

Jace Shawley
Just what it says on the box:

From the moment my new bike was delivered, and with a tinge of jealousy every time I looked at, and listened to my brother's Mk3 Interceptor, I simply had to hit that 'pay now' button and get the pipes on their way. I knew what to expect as I had assisted my brother David in fitting his, and had the pleasure of riding out on said machine.
The day soon came when the Cannons arrived, very well packaged, and I wasted no time in getting 'em on. To be fair it is a simple and straight forward operation to fit these. Most of the procedures required are child's play to a competent mechanic, but the enclosed instructions were more than adequate for an amateur fitter. However, after the experience of doing Daves bike previously, I ordered a pair of the rubber mounting bushes (rear end of the headers) to save having to remove and refit from the original pipes. This saved time on installation, but also allowed the originals to be kept intact, as come MOT time they may need to be re-fitted.
The performance was transformed. The Cannons fitted together with a DNA air filter really opened up the airways. The performance gain, although not massive, was clearly and immediately noticeable, and the exhaust note was amazing, even with the baffles fitted (Euro 5 requirement).
I absolutely love it and would recommend that anyone running an Interceptor or a Continental GT consider these as a very good option.