TEC Front Fork Upgrade Kit with Adjustable Ride Height – Fits Street Twin & Street Cup


TEC Front fork upgrade kit for Street Twin/Street Cup

Includes a pair of TEC developed progressive fork springs and a pair of TEC Anodised Alloy Fork top ride height adjusters instructions included.

We have developed our upgrade kit to allow ride height adjustment with improved comfort and anti-dive. The kit is easily fitted and allows you to increase or lower the front ride height.

Spacers are only provided if necessary, for some models and years the stock spacers are already the correct length.



Customer Reviews

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Street Cup front fork kit, Springs, adjusters and emulators.

Not possible to review the items as such due to weather in Gothenburg, see picture, but shipping was very fast and sure the will be satisfied when time for a testride.

Shaun L
Worthwhile Upgrade

A really easy and worthwhile upgrade to do. These Progressive Springs take the jolting out of rough road surfaces which can be fed back through to the throttle, if your hanging on for grim death. With the Ride Height Adjusters set for stock height these springs already make the bike feel more stable going into bends and ajusted to turn in quicker transforms the handling, making quicker changes of direction much easier. The Parts are very well made and look fantastic too. The How To video is a great help if needed, you will have to move cables etc to make it easier to pop parts in and out. Fitted to 2016 Street Twin.

Richard Cranage
Worth the money!

The new forks definitely improve the ride, especially over pot holes and manhole covers. Reasonably easy to fit, although instructions on dealing with damper in right fork could be clearer.

ian southwell
Great upgrade

Really easy to fit, took 20 minutes and a real difference to handling. I have Fox rear suspension and the TEC front upgrade complements this well. damping feels the same front and rear and it true that my bike seems to turn quicker into bends. Overall very pleased and good value.

Hideki Suzuki
High machining accuracy

High machining accuracy.
The assembly work was easy and the setting too.