TEC FLANK 2-1 Tailpipe – Scrambler 1200 XE/XC


TEC designed and manufactured – 304 Stainless 2-1 tailpipe & silencer system.

Produced for the Scrambler 1200cc XE/XC.

Massive 66.6% weight saving over stock – go from 6.6kg down to 2.2kg!

This system has been designed to increase gas flow, reduce backed-up air, and cool down the cat. So in most cases it is not required to remove the cat or fit an H pipe.

With the Flank installed on a cat front pipe it produces more torque and power (and volume) than fitting an H pipe with the stock silencers.

Sounds fantastic, but not too loud with our specially developed hi-flow baffle system.  Watch the video below for an idea of sound (but best heard in person).

Silencer ends before the rear shocks, giving a much cleaner look to the back end.

The rear heat shield can now be mounted in 2 positions for improved passenger heat protection. This retains the factory-finish heat shields while achieving a meaner, more aggressive style.

Provides better throttle response & gives improved mid-range torque.

Removable baffle system with alternate types available.

Lifetime warranty on your pipework with 12 month warranty on silencer.

All parts including clamps are included in the kit with video instructions to fit to your bike.

Full after care and technical back up from a trusted UK family company.

Designed to perform with or without our other tuning parts for the 1200cc motors.

Works with standard ECU and no re-mapping is required. As these 1200 HP motors are well known for poor low speed lumpiness and stalling due to weak fuelling, we do recommend using a Booster Plug for improved throttle pick up and low speed running. See our Booster Plug listing for more info and video.

Fits up to 2020 models only.  2021 models onward use new front pipes.


Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Karen Stone
Sounds Awesome

This exhaust is well priced and sounds awesome and for cruising around its fine BUT if your an off-roader like me it sticks out way to far and when standing on there pegs it forces your right leg out making it uncomfortable an difficult to grip the bike. I'm a pretty tolerant person but this really effects the way you can ride the bike offroad. I'm in Australia, no green lanes here.

Stuart Eckersley
Great exhaust

Arrived within a couple of days and well packaged. Pleased with the build quality but a bit fiddly to fit and a shame the fastners didn't match the original. Noticed an improvement in the overall ride with the bike reving right through to the red line instead of wheezing the last 1500 rpm. Also fitted with the enrichment probe and snorkel removed. Definitely recommend. Cam looks on the cards.

Jaykib Pattison

This exhaust sounds amazing, louder than stock but not too loud.
Installation is easy, i did have to resort to the instruction video but only to figure out the back mount.
I had some trouble with the courier and these guys sorted it out for me so customer service is excellent as well.


Compre todo lo que pude de esta sección y realmente mejoró sonido, aceleración y consumo. Recomiendo aplicar decat a la motocicleta, no te arrepentiras. Lo recibí en poco tiempo y fue fácil de instalar. Los recomiendo.

David Webb
Flank Exhaust

Nice system with a significant weight saving over standard. The fitting video on YouTube is a big help, however, it's not massively clear on a couple of things. It's not clear from the video that you cannot use the crush washers from the original exhaust, (they are too big for the new exhaust). I had to watch it a couple of times to make sure I got all the washers and spacers in the correct places. The holder for the rubber mounting bushes also appears to be a bit on the big side allowing the bushes to move a bit. The new system also appears to push your right leg out a little further than standard which could cause some problems if you are a little short in the leg, (I'm 6' 1" tall and I now struggle to get anything more than tip toes down on the right hand side with the new exhaust fitted).
It's a nice system which sounds good, (I haven't tried it without the baffle yet). Take your time and watch the video a couple of times and you shouldn't have any issues.