TEC FLANK 2-1 Tailpipe – Scrambler 1200 XE/XC


TEC designed and manufactured – 304 Stainless 2-1 tailpipe & silencer system.

Produced for the Scrambler 1200cc XE/XC.

Massive 66.6% weight saving over stock – go from 6.6kg down to 2.2kg!

This system has been designed to increase gas flow, reduce backed-up air, and cool down the cat. So in most cases it is not required to remove the cat or fit an H pipe.

With the Flank installed on a cat front pipe it produces more torque and power (and volume) than fitting an H pipe with the stock silencers.

Sounds fantastic, but not too loud with our specially developed hi-flow baffle system.  Watch the video below for an idea of sound (but best heard in person).

Silencer ends before the rear shocks, giving a much cleaner look to the back end.

The rear heat shield can now be mounted in 2 positions for improved passenger heat protection. This retains the factory-finish heat shields while achieving a meaner, more aggressive style.

Provides better throttle response & gives improved mid-range torque.

Removable baffle system with alternate types available.

Lifetime warranty on your pipework with 12 month warranty on silencer.

All parts including clamps are included in the kit with video instructions to fit to your bike.

Full after care and technical back up from a trusted UK family company.

Designed to perform with or without our other tuning parts for the 1200cc motors.

Works with standard ECU and no re-mapping is required. As these 1200 HP motors are well known for poor low speed lumpiness and stalling due to weak fuelling, we do recommend using a Booster Plug for improved throttle pick up and low speed running. See our Booster Plug listing for more info and video.


Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Flank 2-1.

Decided to wait a while before writing anything to give hopefully a better review.

Delivery was very quick, 2 days I think. Installation of the exhaust itself was very easy, watch the video for a few pointers and it’s a pretty quick job.

Initially I was a bit disappointed with the fitment of the pipe work etc, it felt a bit loose. After using both brain cells, there’s obviously a need for thermal expansion and actually made the fitment easier... Another very minor disappointment came with one of the springs braking when fitting, swapped them over initially to use, had replacements from TEC within a few days. I found refitting the number board a bit of a pain as well but that’s more directed at Triumph. Need to wait until summer to see any change in heat reduction and get any feedback from a pillion but so far so good.

The sound is much better than the stock from Triumph, but not obnoxiously loud like some, slight crackle/burble when you roll off and I feel it suits the prowess of the bike and 1200cc engine.

The price point from TEC is incredible, much less than the ‘main’ competitors and in my opinion, looks better than the others as well.

Customer service was/is great, initial delivery quick and no quibble replacement on the springs that broke on assembly.

Faultless service and cannot recommend enough, if you’re even contemplating changing from stock you can’t go wrong with this, could not recommend enough!

Very happy with Flank silencer

Delivery very efficient. Installation was reasonably straight forward although getting heat shields back on were very fiddly/frustrating.
The pipe looks a lot better in the flesh than in any photos I had seen. I love the much more open rear wheel. It genuinely looks great IMHO
Sound is also great. I liked the sound of the standard pipes and bought more for the looks BUT the sound is a real bonus, it certainly enhances the riding experience.
Performance feels a little more ‘peppy’ which I suspect is just a slight tweak in torque. Only slight downside is that it slightly exaggerates the contrast between open and closed loop throttle so feels a little more lumpy in low gears. No stalling though just need to be a tad sensitive with first gear throttling. I would imagine the booster plug would rectify this but it is not bad enough for me to rush to make that modification, I’ll wait and do that with the DNA filter later on. I am enjoying the new look and feel of the bike so absolutely no complaints 👍🏻👍🏻

Little devil

Just been out for the first time since fitting it & it seem more responsive the sound is great get a good popping sound in a high gear when shutting off going down hill , when I fitted it and started it up in the garage I got a little bit of moisture coming out of the pipe where the new joins to the old but checked it when I got back from a blip & it seems to have tightened up with the heat expansion... well done TEC

Flank 2 - 1 Tailpipe Scrambler 1200 XE

I received my tail pipe in South Africa and I am so impressed with the product. I absolutely LOVE the sound!!! The bike has a much deeper growl now with more over run gurgle. The fitment was easy with all the required parts. I can highly recommend this product - Well done !!!

Great stuff

I was hesitant at first and was looking around at other brands. In fact I even bought both and did a comparison. The other one looked really good but was way too loud unfortunately. The skill it seems is to get the growling Scrambler noise without the actual...er...noise. This hits that fine line perfectly. It really frees up the sound of the twin; burble, pops and growl, without getting fined if you’re pulled over or literally scaring the horses. Great achievement. Jury is still out on the looks but it’s really grown on me since purchase and I think it looks better in real life than it does in photos. Whatever reservations I had went out the window. This is a great piece of kit for an incredible price and I’m very happy with it. Only (very slight) grumble is the button head bolt for the number board which is a different width head to the stock one, but having searched the internet it seems they’re hard to find so I can live with it. Great job guys!