TEC Black Heavy Duty Allow Sump / Engine Guard


This part fits the following air-cooled Triumph Twin models:  Bonneville, SE, T100, Scrambler, Thruxton.  We make a different sump guard to fit water-cooled Triumph models, see other listing for more details.

EC Laser cut thick alloy sump / engine guard kit.

Includes all brackets and bolts.

Easy to fit and looks great.

Offers great protection to the underside of motor and oil pipe.

Helps prevent water hitting the starter motor at front of engine.

Made from thick Dural alloy plate for strength and lightness and will not vibrate like some stainless or mild steel engine covers.

Supplied in Black powder coat to match frame.


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Max Fitch
High quality

Quality part easy to fit and protects some valuable parts under the bike. Install video on YouTube if needed which helped me out at first.

Peter Larsson
Sump / Engine Guard.

Fast delivery and a solid product as always!

Simon Stadler
High Quality

Great work, but I couldn‘t figure out how to fit the final screw, which drove me nuts, so an instruction would‘ve been nice. It makes life a lot easier for people like me, who love wrenching but have absolutely no talent for it.
There‘s a Video by „Delboy‘s Garage“ on Youtube which gave me the final clue to figure it out and that worked just perfectly!
It‘s still a fantastic product though and I guess everyone with a little more experience than me (which probably means 99% of people purchasing this) will install it in less than 15 minutes.

Nearly got 5 stars......but

Good quality part, easy to fit and looks good... However at around 5000 rpm the plate resonates (at least it did on my bike) - rather an annoyingly loud high pitch resonance, especially when the bike was still warming up. It's an easy fix to stop this - just added some hard plastic strips in a slightly asymmetric pattern where they are hidden from view. I got the self adhesive strips from a major DIY store, decided to drill a few holes and bolt them in (probably wasn't necessary but I got trigger happy with my drill and wanted to ensure the strips didn't fall off). I would have attached a picture - but I've refitted the plate and the fix is hidden from view!!! All that said and done - I would recommend this product, just don't be surprised if the plate starts singing to you


A little fiddly as you need to hook the mounts over the bikes frame but super secure and robust when in place. Makes you feel more confident about taking your bike up kerbs or off road