Tail Tidy / Number Plate Relocator – Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650


We have built on the success of our Meteor 350 tail tidy with the new kit for the Super Meteor 650

Although it is a similar style, it required changes for the new wiring. reflector etc.

Uniquely designed to allow all sizes of number plates to be used as we use an adjustable length mounting for the reflector

The kit allows you to mount all the standard lamps

Or you can choose to mount M8/M10 aftermarket lamps on the bike if you use the M8/M10 lamp mounting adaptors we sell separately

Kit includes all parts needed to fit, including a new reflector

Manufactured in 2.5mm laser cut steel and aluminium

UK registered design number 6189347

Fitting is essentially the same as in the video below, with some small differences which are outlined in provided written instructions:


Customer Reviews

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Sasi Gouru
Good Product

Quality wise great product, really adds the look. However, a few concerns.

Super Meteor 650 setup is slightly different to meteor 350. An installation video or instructions for this model are appreciated. Took a while to figure out the wiring part. Still left the brake wiring harness naked. Supplied heat shrink sleeve didn’t fit.

Mine was missing the long M6 screws to mount the tail light.

The spacers provided didn’t seem to stick. Tried with super glue, but not much luck. Just squeezed them under the plate for now

Quick delivery


Lee Thorne

Hi ,
I have not fitted it yet because the bike hasn't arrived as promised but as soon as I'm able I'll get back to you.
Cheers Lee.

Dougie fitzsimmons
Super meteor 650 tail tidy

As usual super quick delivery.thi s item looks better fitted than the hideous plastic affair fitted as standard ,the only negative for me is the gap left between the rear light body and the rubber gasket,obviously this is because of the neoprene spacers used to stop wires being crushed,would like to see something that does away with the gap,other than that a happy camper.

Tail Tidy Royal Enfield 650 Super Meteor

As expected from Tec fast delivery and a quality product,thanks guys ????.
Currently saving up for the twin pipes ????