S&S Cycle – Slip-on pair of Stainless Steel Performance Exhaust Silencers


As an official S&S Cycle dealer, we offer this top-end spec set of slip-on silencers.

These silencers incorporate a cover for the unsightly joint to the front pipe.

Sound fabulous with or without the supplied removable baffle.

No re-mapping required.

Save over 6kg in weight over stock silencers.

IMPORTANT – These silencers are lightly marked Race Use Only.(can be buffed off but we are not allowed to do this)  This is to comply with EPA laws in USA.  They are SAE J2825 sound compliant.  Not legal in California.

Race-inspired Grand National® endcap design or the classic slash cut design complements any bike style.

82mm can with perforated stainless steel baffle and RaceTex cartridge packing.

Equipped with SS engineered high-flow catalytic converter.

S&S slip-ons increase power in the mid-range where most riding is done.

Expect to see a 13.5% increase in horse-power in the most important RPM range, power where you ride and where you can feel it.

The S&S silencer is designed to sue the standard silencer gasket.  These are not included in the kit, you can normally re-use the originals if you are careful.  If not, you need to order them from Royal Enfield.

Other S&S Cycle parts for Royal Enfield also available.

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S&S Silencers for RE Interceptor 650