Spare Stainless Long Type 10-Hole Exhaust Baffle


A single spare stainless steel baffle that will ONLY fit the TEC 2-into-1 Cafe, TEC 2-into-2 Clubman

This is the long type baffle with 10 holes.

All exhaust systems come with baffles included.  These are spare/optional baffles.


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Mike S
They don't baffle me!

Great quality, fit and finish. Make the bike a whole lot more rideable now.

Andrew Sparkes
Six hole baffle

I have not used the bike since fitting the baffles but they sound good and I am very pleased with your service as I ordered the ten hole baffles by mistake and you sent me the correct ones and circlips without charging me the extra postage, one very happy customer.

John Hyman
Quietens things down a lot

This baffle was easy to fit and certainly quietens the bark down.
It was quite a loose fit though and I needed to put a thin shim of aluminium around it to stop it rattling in place.
Tec did suggest bending the metal a little to compensate for the gap but I decided to go with a thin shim.
Should I want to go for something louder it's a simple job to change the baffle in minutes (once you find the circlip pliers).
The inclusion of a new circlip was welcomed.

Stephen Mardell
10 hoie exhaust baffle

Installed and quiten things down, start's and runs better.

Great service

All good, order to Sweden worked great even if Brexit.