Progressive fork springs for Triumph Watercooled Hinckley Street Scrambler 2017 on

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This will totally transform the ride and comfort of your bike!  They are designed to fit all current models (2017 onwards) of Hinckley Bonneville Street Scrambler. They will not fit the updated models from 2019 onwards as these have different suspension specifications.  Fitting these progressive springs will provide:

  • More Travel
  • Less dive under braking
  • Less crashing over potholes
  • Straight replacement for the standard liner triumph fork springs no mods required.  Comes with necessary spacers.
  • Highly Recommended with our rear shock upgrades for a total transformation of your bikes comfort and handling or we offer a no quibble full refund!
  • Huge improvement in travel comfort and handling over stock springs with reduced crashing over bumps and less dive in braking.
  • We also have available for this bike fork top pre load adjusters and fork damping emulators (highly recommended)

Easy to fit with all instructions provided, these are a direct replacement for the original springs.  No modifications needed.  See the product reviews on our site to see how much difference they made to people’s bikes!


4 reviews for Progressive fork springs for Triumph Watercooled Hinckley Street Scrambler 2017 on

  1. Titch

    Just fitted the progressive springs, emulators and preload adjusters and gone for a long run. Big improvement when encountering pot holes and the like; you can still feel the road but the jarring is much reduced at the front…just need the shocks to sort the back end out now.

    One tip – my damper rod bolts did not want to come out even with an impact driver, preload wound right up and extra preload added to forks with a jack. I cut me broom handle to length and tapered the end to engage in the damper rod then fitted the adjusters and clamped it down…sorted. Also gives good feel for re-tightening on assembly but you’ll need to screw in a large screw to knock it free after tightening… Now I can’t sweep me garage up though after finishing the job…”BEER”

    Thanks George & TEC, great work 🙂

  2. Alex G.

    Super easy to install, 30mm socket and an old metal coat hanger are the tools. I only fitted the springs and not the emulators/ preload. I can’t say there is much difference on a good road surface but these are deffo better over bumps. Really quite pleased. I may fit the preload adjusters next year, we’ll see. Value for money.

  3. paul palmer (verified owner)

    Excellent service

  4. Dave J. (verified owner)

    Fitted well following the video, not too impressed with the quality of the spacers so ended up cutting down the originals using a mitre block and small saw. Absolutely transformed the front forks and ride Excellent service, only thing to add would be no telephone contact

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