Progressive fork springs for Triumph Thruxton


TEC upgrade progressive fork springs kit with instructions fits air-cooled Triumph Thruxton models, all years

Straight replacement for the standard liner triumph fork springs no mods required.

Huge improvement in travel comfort and handling over stock springs with reduced crashing over bumps and less dive in braking.

Highly Recommended with our rear shock upgrades for a total transformation of your bikes comfort and handling or we offer a no quibble full refund!

12 month warranty

Detailed instructions provided.

Customer Reviews

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Money we'll spent

Easily on of the best upgrades iv done to the bike so far. If I'd known the difference they would make then I'd have bought them a long time ago. The springs are a straight swap for the factory triumphs so they are super easy to fit. The bike feels so much more stable when turning into corners and you get alot more confidence from the handling.

progressive fork springs

These springs look to be well made and capable for the job in hand, as I have not yet fitted this is as much as I can say, however I have fitted and tested the rear 15 way adjustable rear shocks and they are superb
Many thanks


These are a big improvement over the stock springs.

They were easy to fit (the hardest part was supporting the bike without the front wheel as I don't have a center stand).

I was advised by a Triumph dealer where I bought the replacement fork oil to drain the old oil overnight - this was worth doing as a surprising amount of really dirty oil came out at the end (my bike is 9 years old).

Worth noting, after doing this my forks got stuck in the compressed position, and no amount of pulling could get them apart. The solution was simple - I put a broom handle inside them and tapped it on the floor, and full movement was regained.

This was the only issue I had, and nothing to do with the springs.

So, if you are thinking about these springs, get them, and replace them yourself. The springs make a big difference, and the job itself is easy.


They should have had these installed at the factory


Really easy to fit (I recommend watching the TEC video "Triumph Street Twin TEC front fork upgrade kit fitting guide" ( They have made a noticible improvement to the feel of the bike, but for the best effect, upgrade the rear shocks first. The Thruxton upgrade shocks (15 position damping as well as preload adjustment) are a revelation. The previous wallowy back end on uneven roads is gone. All in all, £200 has transformed the bike! Best money you'll ever spend.