MT07 / XSR700 / Tracer700 – Front Fork upgrade kit – Progressive Springs and fork top pre-load/ride height adjusters


Fork upgrade kit for the Yamaha MT07 / XSR700 / Tracer 700

The kit consists of 2 progressive wound upgraded fork springs and 2 fork top pre-load adjusters.

A quick and easy upgrade to fit, no need to drain the oil or strip the forks.

No spacer cutting required with this kit as the springs are made the correct length to fit with the fork top adjusters in middle position. This gives equal amount of +ve and -ve adjustment (15mm in total) and allows the front ride height to be easily adjusted to suit the rider. The progressive wound springs give a far better ride with improved control under heavy braking.  Spacers are only provided if necessary, for some models the stock spacers are already the correct length.

See our fitting guide here

We also make a kit including YSS fork emulator valves and spacers to suit – this allows the damping to be adjusted but requires the fork damping tubes to be stripped out and modified. See other listings.

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Customer Reviews

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Just fitted to my XSR700. Very quick delivery and quality looks fine. Nice easy job, only needed to remove the two speedo screws and slacken the four handlebar clamp bolts to gain sufficient access to the fork caps.
I put the rear end on a paddock stand and used a scissor jack and piece of wood under the sump to ease the compression in the suspension before removing the fork caps.
Don’t forget to put the O ring from the old caps onto new ones. Be careful, when tightening the new caps as the anodising can scratch quite easily.
I haven’t managed a run out yet, but going by the previous comments I’m looking forward to feeling the difference.


Very quick to post really good communication parts are quality would recommend this company

Best money spent on this bike

Super simple to fit and set up, and has totally transformed the bike. Absolutely night and day difference to the handling, so much more stable into the bends.


The parts are as described and look like they are of good quality. Haven't installed yet. The response and shipping was very fast! Only downside it the wrapping. I was expecting a cardboard box with some soft material inside for metal motorcycle parts. Instead it was in a heavy-duty envelope but because the springs are stiff and heavy the edges of the envelope were destroyed and and also the plastic bag inside that contained them. it would be easy for a sprint to slip from inside. The top caps were better protected.

Best money ever spent on this bike

Took all of 20 mins to fit thanks to the handy video and wow what a difference this makes. The bike no longer wallows into bends, the front feels like it's on rails. Compared to the factory set up.