MT07 / XSR700 / Tracer700 – Front Fork upgrade kit – Progressive Springs and fork top pre-load/ride height adjusters


Fork upgrade kit for the Yamaha MT07 / XSR700 / Tracer 700

The kit consists of 2 progressive wound upgraded fork springs and 2 fork top pre-load adjusters.

A quick and easy upgrade to fit, no need to drain the oil or strip the forks.

No spacer cutting required with this kit as the springs are made the correct length to fit with the fork top adjusters in middle position. This gives equal amount of +ve and -ve adjustment (15mm in total) and allows the front ride height to be easily adjusted to suit the rider. The progressive wound springs give a far better ride with improved control under heavy braking.  Spacers are only provided if necessary, for some models the stock spacers are already the correct length.

See our fitting guide here

We also make a kit including YSS fork emulator valves and spacers to suit – this allows the damping to be adjusted but requires the fork damping tubes to be stripped out and modified. See other listings.

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Customer Reviews

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Front fork upgrade kit for XSR700

The kit was easy to fit thanks to the video with the instructions. I had a short test ride and the difference with the stock springs is massive. No more dive under braking and feel way more sharp in corners. Totally recommended!
Just be careful with the top caps since they get easily scratched

Suspension upgrades

Excellent service,very pleased with the items, information on fitting on website is very clear and helpful!

Tracer fork upgrade

Various blogs and vids suggest the Std Tracer 700 front fork springs could be better, I went for these from Tec Parts based on reviews, the YouTube vid is a bit out of date as the adjusters are different but in keeping with the style of what’s removed. I haven’t found that sweet spot yet but I can confirm the front now has bite on cornering which was the reason I wanted better fork springs as the bike used to hop in a bend!, I am confident in my purchase and would recommend this inexpensive upgrade.
This team don’t claim to give you a product that’s not been tried and tested, can we have more please 😉

Top rated springs

Can't fault them, they work just like they say. I've done 500miles since fitting them and the feel you get is astonishing. I like the more relaxed longer fork.super quick delivery. Spot on.

MT07 progressive spring upgrade

Quick delivery and simple to install. I fitted these along with changing the fork oil to 20w which suits my weight and have noticed a massive difference. Much less fork dive under braking and a lot more stable in corners. Very happy with this 👍