TEC Adjustable Alloy Gear Lever and Linkage Kit with Spherical Bearing Joints – Royal Enfield Meteor 350


Since the Meteor was released, we have been repeatedly asked for a replacement for the ugly, loose and poor quality gear lever and linkage on this bike.

A lot of people add a linkage with bearings to the OE lever but this is far from ideal for several reasons.

So we started again from scratch – we have used a bushed bearing alloy adjustable reach gear lever.

These are supplied with a turned alloy end but we can also supply with a rubber tipped alloy end as an option.

The linkage has been moved to the top to keep it straight and avoid the road dirt and water thrown up from the front wheel.

The heel pad has been deleted – a lot of people do not like this and our design does not require it.

You can see the original part in the final 3 pictures, so you can see what an improvement this part is.

Supplied with a new domed fixing bolt and machined threaded bushing to keep things as near as we can.

Supplied with an optimised length/angle gear shaft arm, this makes it a fully bolt-on kit with no drilling required at all.

Available with a black or silver gear lever.

Protected under UK copyright law – registered design number 6189349


Customer Reviews

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Stuart Brown
Spot on!

Great improvement.

Lars T.
Nice shifter

I had to shorten the step nut to attach the shifter to the footrest, otherwise it wouldn't have fit. I had to reverse the left screw connection on the adjustable joint because otherwise it would not have fit past the engine block (see pictures). Otherwise very good workmanship of the parts except for the accuracy of fit during assembly, which wasn't quite right. The footrests at Royal Enfield were probably not welded quite as precisely.

Nigel Draper
Meteor 350 gear shifter

An excellently engineered product. A tight fit due to the variance in RE's welding tolerance of the foot peg position. Fitted by rerouting the linkage to the outside of the selector arm. Works well and is a good alternative to the heel and toe.

Martin Diggins
Adjustable gear lever

Bought this to replace the stock heel-toe shifter on my Metoer 350. Didn't like the heel-toe mechanism or build quailty so decided to go with this easy replacement.
The TEC shifter is very well made. looks great, works great, is very keenly priced (even with import duty to Ireland) and is easy to install. I kept the original splined shaft bolt as it was heavier than the TEC replacement but otherwise the TEC product is supurb.

Graham Clarkstone
Gear lever & linkage kit

Good bit of kit, well manufactured, the stepped nut is a bit close, approx 1mm but as long as it misses. Just been for a ride and wow what a difference, well pleased

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