Main Stand Kit – Triumph Street Twin / Street Cup 900cc


Full stand kit to fit water-cooled Triumph Street Twin 900cc model.

  • Includes full instructions and all fittings.
  • Our unique design allows this stand to be height adjusted for changes to suspension or tyres.
  • Allows easy adjustments to the bike once installed.
  • More secure than using the side stand.
  • Makes parking and servicing much easier.
  • Black powder coated.
  • TEC registered design and worldwide patents pending.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Street twin main stand

Excellent piece of kit, easy to fit, great service.

Main Stand Kit Triumph Street Twin

Excellent bit of kit well made and fitted perfectly. The excellent video showing how to attach to the bike requires updating as it does not include the change to the rubber buffer bracket.The lack of instructions with the kit meant contacting TEC through email. The questions were quickly responded to and fitting completed. The stand can now be height adjusted however the pads touching the ground remain square to the framework of the stand and to my mind the face touching the ground should be angled giving greater floor contact and stability.

Street Twin Centre Stand

Delivery was very quick and customer service excellent. Fitment of the stand is a straightforward procedure. However there is a little effort involved. Fitting the stand and pivot bolt is easy, the fitting of the spring needs a little more technique. I would absolutely recommend taking off the right hand silencer as this gives you more chance of getting the spring on easier. Once the spring is on its plain sailing from there with tweaking the stand height with the spacers and fitting the bump stop rubber(this may need a little trim to make sure it fits in the hole easily).The stand works perfectly and is very well made and looks the part on the bike. Chain maintenance is now a breeze.

Great stand but...

Fitted to Street Twin 2018.

The good.
Fits pretty well, sturdy and pretty well made. Easy installation if you are a novice, nothing to drill or make. Clear instructions, especially on safety- follow!!
Cheap enough.

The less good.
Came with paint marked and chipped (possibly in post), bags split, better packaging reqd!
Had to shim out excessive lateral play with 16mm washer. Spindle has excessive play on diameter but not noticed in real world use.
Spring was a pig to fit but won't be falling off anytime soon.
Rubber bung was the wrong size (too big) but my bike has V&H pipes, maybe the cause.
Finally, the spindle retaining screw is a mushroom head, notorious for rounding out on removal, do yourself a favour, plan ahead, use a standard bolt, it's in lots of space anyway.

It might sound like I'm not happy with it, I am. It's a cracking bit of kit at a fraction of Triumph prices and looks like it will last as long as the bike.

2016 Street Twin Centre Stand

Really easy to install, but does require some effort to get the spring on. Rubber stopper is made to fit the free Tec after market bracket my exhaust V & H required a different size but they are cheap and readily available. I didn't use spacers as I found it easier to pull up without, and the rear wheel was well off the ground. Very stable and a great practical upgrade at a really great price.