LED Indicator Resistors – Pair


A pair of indicator resistors. In some cases this is all that is needed to do a whole bike. BUT depending on the wattage of the lamps and the type of flasher relay used ,you may have to use 1 resistor per lamp (2 x pairs)

Supplied fitted with male & female bullet connectors.

Designed to fit most brands and types of aftermarket indicators.

Can be mounted in the headlamp and connected to the front lamps.

Can also be mounted under the seat/side panel and connected to the rear indicator wiring.

When converting from bulb to LED indicators, the flash rate can become altered either becoming too fast or too slow.

To adjust the rate, you can add an adjustable flasher unit or these resistors.  We much prefer resistors as we have found adjustable rate flash units can cause issues with the dashboard warning light.

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Customer Reviews

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Dave P
Another great product from TEC Bike Parts

Fitted these to the Interceptor TEC Bike lighting mod and by cooperating with the gods of the amps these resistors restore a more harmonious and law abiding flash rate to the indicators. Dead easy to fit providing you watch the install video and actually pay attention.

Srdjan Gacic
Great deal

Great communication with store. Product looks quality and I am about to install it in next period. Expecting good results. Brgds

Paul from New Zealand
Resisters for indicators

They work ok, but the wires and bullet connectors are a bit fragile and the wires pulled out easily. I soldered all the connections.

robert neil
New indicators

They arrived overnight and fitted the bike just right

David Hurt
After market led indicator kit

I bought this kit to replace the plastic stock indicators. Opted for the black slug indicators and tail light which look great on my int650.
Also bought as advised, a pair of resistors to
compensate for the fast flashing. Tested before fitting and worked fine. But trying to fit both into the rear light wasn't easy as there's little room with all wiring, and must have damaged one whilst trying to squeeze them in as they didn't work. Ordered another pair of resistors but will fit in headlight instead. If you fit in rear light, my advice would be to shorten as much wiring as possible.. All in all, a great bit of kit which will transform the look of the bike. Really pleased with mine. Well done tec bike parts