Heavy Load Springs – Scrambler 1200 XC/XE


A pair of specially made heavy load springs for the Triumph Scrambler 1200 XE/XC models.

Designed for heavier than average rider or rider who travels with passenger/heavy luggage.

Heavier riders or those carrying luggage cannot adjust the static load height to the manufacturers recommendation with the OE springs fitted.  We have developed these 25% uprated springs to allow this.

Top-quality UK manufactured springs.

Powder coated, hard wearing, semi-gloss finish.

Very easy to install with no special equipment required.

Fitting is the same as our lowering springs and straightforward, please watch the video:


Customer Reviews

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Does what it says on the tin

My sag is now perfect for my weight (108kg with all my gear on). This is with the preload adjusters turned all the way up to the minimum, where I’m now getting about 28% of my total suspension travel.
So if I carry a lot of heavy gear or a big passenger I can increase my preload still. Before I was maxed all the way out and was getting about 35 - 40% in all my gear.