FuelX Pro – Royal Enfield Interceptor / Continental GT 650 – Euro 4 ONLY (2017-2020)


Plug and Play

Install in under 15 minutes with no fancy tools required

10 Autotune Maps

FuelX Pro comes with 10 Autotune Maps which can be selected based on the mods, weather, altitude and riding style

Water & Heat Resistant

FuelX Pro, harness and map switch are fully water and heat resistant

Cooler Engine

Engine and Exhaust temperatures are cooler by upto 10%

Handle Bar Map Switch

Every FuelX Pro comes with a Handle Bar Map Switch that can be used to select maps on the fly at any speeds, any time


Improved riding experience, reduced jerks and lesser down shifts

Auto Adapt

FuelX smartly adapts to variations in riding style and engine characteristics, as well as to add-ons such as exhaust and air-filter


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Customer Reviews

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Nigel Chambers
Necessary hard to know

Very good quality item it works well enough, very sensitive button. Bought the same time as the s&s stay1 cam's too use together if need be... Thought better to buy while stocks last

Michael Fowler
Euro 5

Any news on weather were getting this for euro 5 bikes?

Steve Vaughan

Great service fast well done

Gerry Di-Pede
Essential to go with your S&S cam, free-flow pipes & filter!

I have a Euro 4, 2020 Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 with S&S camshaft, TEC 2-1 Stinger exhaust, DNA filter, Air Injection delete kit & NGK Iridium Plugs.
After fitting the S&S cam, I found a great improvement in acceleration/power at the top end of the rev range but in contrast, I noticed a little loss in low-end oomph! I had an idea that my bike was probably running a little too lean & at this point I already had a Booster Plug fitted to enrich the air/fuel mix (on a standard bike) at idle & lower speeds. Now I had the cam fitted I disconnected the Booster Plug to see if it actually made any noticeable difference -& it didn't.
At this point, I started looking into getting a 'pre-programmed' Power Commander to suit the engine mods on my bike but apart from the price, it would be a bit of a gamble that the 'pre-program' would actually be perfect for my particular bike. This is when I found out about the FuelX Autotune Pro with 10 selectable, pre-programmed tunes already built in.
I bought one from TEC & fitted it to my bike. It was easy to fit but took me a while because I'm fussy about having ugly cables in view & I took my time carefully concealing them. You have to take your seat & tank off. I took my horns off too, simply to make it easier to get at the 02 plug connectors. The handlebar switch is a bit big & ugly & I think a little more time could have gone into the design of that by the Autotune boys. But, to be honest once you find the right tune for your bike, you don't really need to use it anymore & therefore it can be concealed.
Anyway, down to the tuning. Once my bike was suitably warmed up, I tried most of the 10 tunes out. I tested using the same route & stopping each time to select a different program. My route had twisty single track roads with plenty of gear changes, hills & long, fast dual carriageway. I found a noticeable difference between the programs -especially at low-end torque/acceleration & on engine idle too. Every time I came back to tune number 8 which, for my bike was the best. I feel I now have the low-end oomph back that I lost after fitting the cam & an even better pull on the higher-end rev range -now giving me the best of both worlds.
I've checked out how my spark plugs are looking & they're looking a perfect colour.
At this price, I think this gadget is a must if you're into engine tuning!