FuelX Pro – Royal Enfield Interceptor / Continental GT 650 – Euro 4 and Euro5 (2017-2023)


Plug and Play

Install in under 15 minutes with no fancy tools required

10 Autotune Maps

FuelX Pro comes with 10 Autotune Maps which can be selected based on the mods, weather, altitude and riding style

Water & Heat Resistant

FuelX Pro, harness and map switch are fully water and heat resistant

Cooler Engine

Engine and Exhaust temperatures are cooler by upto 10%

Handle Bar Map Switch

Every FuelX Pro comes with a Handle Bar Map Switch that can be used to select maps on the fly at any speeds, any time


Improved riding experience, reduced jerks and lesser down shifts

Auto Adapt

FuelX smartly adapts to variations in riding style and engine characteristics, as well as to add-ons such as exhaust and air-filter

Now updated to work on all models inc Euro 4 and Euro5. 2017-2023


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Russ Davis
Fuel X Pro

Once again a quick and simple process to order and have the parts delivered. Quicker than domestic mail!!
Great service

Kevin Burr
Fuel X Pro

I had been considering a booster plug, but the difference in cost to the Fuel X seemed small for a potentially much better product. It took me about 90 minutes to fit, solo. My seat of the pants impression is that the bike seems to pick up quicker and throttle blips on the downshift are more reliable. Service and delivery times excellent, as I have come to expect from TEC.

Nigel Chambers
Necessary hard to know

Very good quality item it works well enough, very sensitive button. Bought the same time as the s&s stay1 cam's too use together if need be... Thought better to buy while stocks last

Michael Fowler
Euro 5

Any news on weather were getting this for euro 5 bikes?

Steve Vaughan

Great service fast well done