Fuel booster plug water cooled Triumph twins –Speed Twin/Bobber/T120/T100/Thruxton/Thruxton R/Street Twin/Street Cup/Street Scrambler/Speedmaster

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Do you find your EFI bike prone to stalling at low engine speeds, lack of throttle response and a lumpy feel to your motor?

Have you fitted a free flow exhaust and worried about it running too lean?

Then this plug and play device will resolve these problems without the need to re-map you ECU.

Fits all 900cc -Street twin/Street Cup/Street Scrambler/T100

and 1200cc- Speedmaster/Bobber/T120/Thruxton/Thruxton R/ Speed Twin

Just email us your model/yr when ordering

Modern EFI bikes especially Euro 4 run very lean in open loop mode and this can cause stalling, poor running and hesitant acceleration.

This fuelling device interrupts the signal from the air temp sensor and modifies it to make the ECU add approx 4-6% more fuel during acceleration in open loop mode, it will not affect MPG as it has no effect in closed loop mode ie. cruising mode or steady running. The device has its own temp sensor and it modifies the signal to release the correct amount of fuel for the measured air temperature.

Very easy to install with correct plugs ( PLUG AND PLAY ) no wire cutting required. It has a no quibble money back satisfaction 60 return and a lifetime product limited warranty


16 reviews for Fuel booster plug water cooled Triumph twins –Speed Twin/Bobber/T120/T100/Thruxton/Thruxton R/Street Twin/Street Cup/Street Scrambler/Speedmaster

  1. George r.

    My Street Twin has a Tec X Pipe and a K&N, so the Booster Plug has smoothed it out a lot – doesn’t seem faster but much nicer to ride. Piece of cake to fit – 10 minutes?
    Plan is to ‘open up’ the baffles; and a Tec cam has just arrived in the post. Watch this space!

  2. vidar p.

    Make the machine run much smooter. Make a big change.

  3. Leslie C.

    Will be fitting fuel booster plug during the winter months along with tec x-pipe and Trident silencers… so can’t give feedback yet.

  4. Mustafa Ö.

    It takes only a minute to install, child’s play. Made it more lively up to 3500rpm. You can feel the difference.

  5. Jimmy N.

    As already said : very easy to fit. Make the bike run smoother so much enjoyable.

  6. Steve M. (verified owner)

    Fitted in conjunction with K&N filter & X-pipe on 1200 Thruxton R and has smoothed out response to throttle input and reduced backfiring on the overrun.

  7. Martin Pascoe (verified owner)

    Very easy to fit ,much smoother throttle response

  8. Michael W. (verified owner)

    Easy to fit and is smoother, but engine warning light does constantly come on. Hoping this may clear as ecu adapts to its figment.

    • Matthew Milburn

      This should not cause the light to come on, did you turn on the ignition with the sensor disconnected ?

  9. Emilia (verified owner)

    Not installed but sound packaging

  10. Thanh Ngoc (verified owner)

  11. Carl F. (verified owner)

    Booster plug was very easy to fit & as per all the past reviews I researched, it removes the throttle delays at slow speeds, making it a much smoother ride at low revs

  12. Andrew C. (verified owner)

    Great company to deal with, great prices too, who could ask for more.

  13. paul day (verified owner)


  14. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Easy plug and play and really made a difference with the x pipe fitted at the same time thanks guys

  15. John H. (verified owner)

    Not perfect, but you would have to fit a power commander and do plenty of dyno runs to properly sort the fuelling out, this little plug and play device improves the throttle response by 70-80% over standard. Well worth the cost for the improvement it provides. Plus easily removed if required.

  16. MARK WARD (verified owner)

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