Fork emulators and adaptors for Triumph 41mm forks

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TEC CNC Fork Emulator Valves with Adaptor Rings-

This brand new pair of TEC fork Emulators/adaptors will fit all years and models of Air cooled and Water-cooled Triumph Hinckley Bonneville, 1200 Bobber, T100, Street Twin, Street Scrambler America , Speedmaster, Scrambler and 900cc Thruxton .

Will not fit 1200cc- T120 , Thruxton and Thruxton R

These valves are made for us by YSS and are top quality.
The 41mm Triumph forks fitted to the Bonneville/classic twin range are renowned for poor damping and harshness over sharp bumps. These valves totally transform the damping to the level of cartridge type forks and allow separate compression and rebound damping settings. More importantly they add a high speed damping valve to allow forks to compress faster over severe bumps without compromising normal damping performance.

IMPORTANT- Several companies including suspension specialist sell these YSS valves without the TEC Triumph adaptors. It is very important to only use these with the adaptors as the will not work correctly without them and the valves may also be damaged.

Can be used with our progressive fork springs and fork top adjusters to give a vastly improved front end set up that is fully adjustable for damping and pre-load /ride height.

The kit features:-

  • A pair of High quality YSS wear resistant black anodised finish emulator valves
  • A pair of TEC Triumph 41mm fork adaptor rings.
  • They can be fitted by most competent home mechanics , please watch our video see link below.
  • Allows damping to be fully adjustable with separate adjustment to rebound, high and low speed compression damping.
  • Allows easy fine adjustment of the front forks and allows you to upgrade your forks up to cartridge fork spec at a fraction of the price.
  • Full technical and warranty back up from a long established UK family company.

Fitting video:


11 reviews for Fork emulators and adaptors for Triumph 41mm forks

  1. IOLO R.

    Great and easy way to upgrade forks ….. good quality and price.
    Also bought the progressive springs.
    Thanks Tec !!

  2. Mike D.

    I’m used to sports bikes but thought I’d try to make my Triumph America handle as good as possible for a big cruiser it had decent rear shocks and progressive fork springs fitted when I bought it but the front end was vague and the fork damping was typically harsh and gave little feel or feedback so I fitted these emulators with fork pre- load/ride height adjusters and it feels like a different bike lean into a corner and you can feel where the front wheel and the tyre grip is through the bars and the bike feels surprisingly nimble, responsive and safe to throw around.

    With the pre- load/ride height adjusters the bike sits lower and the forks now have free sag and the bike sits on the progressive springs and reacts well to small bumps and rumble strips which now feel like controlled ripples that don’t rattle your teeth, throwing the bike through some fast chicanes it remains planted, controlled and on line and I’ve had to change my riding style as before the bike tended to under steer because of the vague front end and not wanting to push it you tended to wait and let it find it’s own way round a corner but now you can choose a tight line and hold it then pick it up and throw it the other way with surprising lean angle and no drama, it’s easy to underestimate how poor most standard suspension is until you ride a well set up bike and I’ve been surprised how well the handling and ride confort has been improved on this heavy cruiser it’s a small price for a big improvement in handling and ride quality.

    Caution using an airgun to undo damper rod bolts the airgun spun one damper rod inside the white plastic/nylon bush ‘Triumph call them ‘Oil Locks’ and damaged the bush which caused the fork tube to lock up in the fork slider when tightening the damper rod bolt on reassembly and I had to buy a new bush.

  3. Lungie

    Wow is the first word that will come to you. I also fitted their upgraded springs and pre-load adjusters. These covered my Christmas presents
    Not difficult to fit. Took a morning with tea breaks. Took the opportunity to personalize for my weight.
    Best mod I’ve done so far.

  4. Jon..

    wow what a great improvement …
    getting the damper rod bolt out was ‘fun’ [used the broom-handle method]
    but all well worth the trouble … now riding it feels like all the roads have been re-surfaced ..!!
    all in all a very confidence inspiring option … only wished I’d done it a long time ago.

  5. Lungie

    What a change, front end now glides along. Such an improvement. Just handles the bumps and rough roads so well.
    I am a light rider and so i could tune to my weight. Used with 10w oil.
    Transformation. Thank you

  6. Nicholas (verified owner)

    Quick service and excellent products as described. I have purchased many TEC products for my 2010 T100 Bonnie over the last few years, they are always great investments and clearly thought out, benefitting the performance and looks of the bike. The online guides and customer service are a brilliant help for less experienced mechanics, like myself and give full confidence to attempt doing any work on the bike yourself. Great job TEC thank you.
    Nicholas, Brighton UK

  7. Marko Väyrynen (verified owner)

    YSS fork valves are fine but two black plastic spacers are poor quality.

  8. Robert A. (verified owner)

    Great product and very good service

  9. Martyn S. (verified owner)

    What difference – makes you wonder why they build the forks that they do when some small parts can change the whole feeling of the bike

  10. craig purvis (verified owner)

    Great reviews, as of yet I haven’t fitted it yet, but looking forward to that..

  11. Dave J. (verified owner)

    Nice product easy to adjust

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