Finned alloy carb tops clear alloy

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TEC UK Made alloy carb tops

Pair of carb tops with allen screws

Takes away the Japanese look of the Keihin carbs and nicely matches the engine fins.

Can also be used on EFI bikes but the spring locating peg inside needs to removed or it can foul the fuel injector wires.

ALSO available in BLACK with polished fins to match black motor bikes


3 reviews for Finned alloy carb tops clear alloy

  1. Lungie

    Replace your rusty, pitted tops with these lovely machined ones. I had to search hard to find ones for Carburetors .
    Easy replacement, 4 screws. They have a boss for the spring to locate. Blends in with the head fins.
    I love em

  2. Patrick S. (verified owner)

    Sets of the top of the carbs/injectors nicely.

  3. Roger (verified owner)

    Value for money,fast service

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