CB500 1993 onwards, TEC shock absorbers

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Pair of TEC replica chrome shocks with black springs to fit all twinshock Honda CB500 models from 1993 onwards 2 cylinder models.

Correct spring rate, length and bushes eye top and bottom mounts

Also available in all chrome with top cap/cover

Unlike many pattern and universal shocks these are the correct length


8 reviews for CB500 1993 onwards, TEC shock absorbers

  1. Ken

    I bought a pair of tec shock over a year ago for my 97 cb 500, the tec shock are brilliant and i couldnt recommend the guys at tec enough, tec shocks so cheap and quality items.

  2. andy Johnston-myall

    lovely looking shocks , solid built , good price , will recommend

  3. Andrew J.

    Really good fit, didn’t leave the back wheel touching the ground when on the centre stand despite certain comments made from others. Quite a hard ride in comparison to my old originals but that’s most likely because they were shot! Look good as well. Glad I chose these

  4. Martin F.

    I’ve taken these cheap shocks to Romania on my CB500, maneuvering the Transfagarasan route at peg-scraping speeds as well as going semi-offroad on unmaintained cold-war-era backroads with more potholes than road surface. Teeth-rattling action, airtime and bottom-outs, but they just took the abuse – no worries. In use, you may find them a tad stiff; I could wish for a slightly softer setup.

    Ironbutt Association member #65585

  5. Cameron M.

    Cheap and apparently well made shocks. Came with nice big C spanner. Fitted well.
    Still look good two months later.
    A bit wallowy on long fast bends. Realised they were on the softest setting so moved them up to maximum and noticed a big improvement.

  6. Peter B.

    It’s early days but thus far these units are working well and I am very pleased with them. They are obviously built to a price so it will be interesting to see how they stand up to an English winter and personally I would have preferred the damper to have been painted rather than chromed but they are excellent value for money and I am very satisfied with my purchase

  7. Mr J.

    Excellent product at a great price .I would recommend it

  8. Martin F.

    Fitted mine prior to a 3000 mile tour to Romania, the carpathians and in particular route 7C – the magnificent Transfagarasan. I’m riding with 2*30 liter alu boxes, tankbag and an otherwise standard bike. The TEC shocks not only coped perfectly with the derelict romanian roads, they survived regular abuse! Countless footpeg-scrapes, bottom-outs, airtime and anything else I could throw at them.
    Yes, they’re delivering a somewhat hard ride on the daily commute, but fit the bill perfectly for touring. And the ride height is spot on!
    If the chrome was more resilient to rust, I’d give them 5 stars. As it is, they deserve four.

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