Camshaft (de restrict) Street Scrambler 900cc water-cooled and later chassis number Street Twin/Cup/T100 up to 2019

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TEC 202 CAM REPLACES TRIUMPH CAMSHAFT part NUMBER T1147042 ONLY (if in doubt check you bikes cam number).

Check your bikes VIN number and make a note of the final 6 digits.  If your final 6 digits are numerically HIGHER than the below numbers then the cam will fit.  CAMS WILL CHANGE AGAIN on 2019 (high power) bikes.


Street Scrambler – will fit all VIN numbers up to  914448  (revised 2019 model (hi output)) this bike uses a different cam

Water-cooled T100 – all VIN numbers after VIN 818590

Street Twin – all VIN numbers after VIN 818610 and up to 914448 (revised 2019 model (hi output)) this bike uses a different cam

Street Cup – all VIN numbers after VIN 818598

This cam has been designed by us to de-restrict the 900cc motor.  Made exclusively for TEC in the UK from CNC machined steel billet and fully heat treated for maximum durability. Fully covered by manufacturers backed 12 month warranty.

The cam is now perfectly matched to the motor for road use with no loss of bottom end torque and a progressive power curve with increased performance and still has the same MPG.

Your bike will still comply to euro 4 if no other changes are made and no remap of the ECU is required. This will upgrade your motor to 2019 spec bikes with a similar power output.

We do recommend that you check to see if you have the latest map update from Triumph on your bike as they run much better with this map – cam fitted or not.

Please watch our video for a full and detailed explanation with dyno charts, see-

The below video gives a guide on how to fit the camshaft:

The video is a guide only and I would suggest using it along side the workshop manual from Triumph or Haynes.

Part numbers:
alternator cover gasket – T1268765
CAM screws T40 head – T3053005
Cam tensioner O rings – T3600199 + T3601276
Tightening torques
Cam sprocket screws 22 NM
camshaft bearing carriers 10Nm
Head top cover 14Nm
Alternator cover bolts 10Nm
Cam tensioner 16NM


6 reviews for Camshaft (de restrict) Street Scrambler 900cc water-cooled and later chassis number Street Twin/Cup/T100 up to 2019

  1. Richard S.

    Fitted this to my Street Scrambler. George’s video was a great help. I took my time and believe that anyone with the right tools and a little bit of mechanical nause can do this. (Hint: check you have a plug spanner that fits).
    Bike fired straight up and idled smoothly. Early test rides confirmed everything TEC had said; low and mid range are more or less the same. So far so good! After a 400-500km run-in it became apparent that there was this new top end that wasn’t there before. I think it’s really worth doing a few other things to the bike such as decat, exhaust, hi flow air filter. Don’t expect a Street a Triple or a Thruxton but what you then have, in effect, is 2 bikes. One is the same as what you had and the other is a higher revving and faster machine with extra power and speed on tap. A very worthwhile mods that does change the characteristics of the bike, but retains all its character.

  2. Barrie G.

    Fitted the new cam following the utube guide and haynes manual,everything is quite straight forward if a little tricky at times (the fuel pipe release clip as a right pain to get off) but manageable, even valve clearances were ok with the new cam and didn’t need adjusting. I managed to set the crank and cam by eyeing them in with the timing marks and didn’t use any special tools. I triple checked everything lined up after several revolutions of the engine,which they did.I did the cam belt on my LDV Maxus van the same way but had to use a mirror to see in the back of the cam cover! Had to buy a 1/2″ to 3/8″ reducer socket for my norbar torque wrench and a new 8mm socket but had the rest of tools needed. All back together now awaiting a test ride.

  3. Ernst

    Let my dealers install the camshaft for my Street Scrambler. The mechanic and me are very impressed with the new power output of the bike. Enige runs better and there’s no power drop when revving the bike. It pulls like mad compared to the standard cam. There’s no need to spend a couple of grand to get a 1200 when you get a powerfull 900 for a few hundred.

  4. Michael W. (verified owner)

    Excellent product, easy to fit if a bit fiddly. I fitted this in 4hrs albeit with slight oil leak from alternator case (my fault, didn’t remove all of the old casket!). Just running in therefore can’t comment on power increase above 4000rpm but runs sweet and mpg not reduced.

  5. Phil W. (verified owner)

    Need to run it in but fitting it was fairly easy seeing as I’d never done it before.

  6. Mark Maltby (verified owner)

    Excellent service and advice

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