Camshaft (de restrict) 900cc early type Street Twin/ Street Cup/ T100 water cooled



Any doubts please contact us directly before purchasing.


Check your bikes VIN number and make a note of the final 6 digits.  If your final 6 digits are numerically lower than the below numbers then the cam will fit.


Water-cooled T 100 – all VIN numbers up to VIN 818589

Street Twin – all VIN numbers up to VIN 818609

Street Cup – all VIN numbers up to VIN 818597

This cam has been designed by us to de-restrict the 900cc motor.  Made exclusively for TEC in ENGLAND from CNC machined steel billet and fully heat treated for maximum durability . Fully covered by manufacturers backed 12 month warranty. £300 plus VAT.

The cam is now perfectly matched to the motor for road use with no loss of bottom end torque and a progressive power curve with increased performance and still has the same MPG.

Your bike will still comply to euro 4 if no other changes are made and no remap of the ECU is required.

We do recommend that you check to see if you have the latest map update from Triumph on your bike as they run much better with this map – cam fitted or not.

This cam cannot be used in bikes with higher VIN or Street Scrambler, These bike use triumph cam T1147042, please see our other cam listing for details.

Please watch our video for a full and detailed explanation with dyno charts, see-

The below video gives a guide on how to fit the camshaft:

The video is a guide only and I would suggest using it along side the workshop manual from Triumph or Haynes.

Part numbers:
alternator cover gasket  – T1268765
CAM screws T40 head  – T3053005
Cam tensioner O rings – T3600199 + T3601276
Tightening torques
Cam sprocket screws 22 NM
camshaft bearing carriers 10Nm
Head top cover 14Nm
Alternator cover bolts 10Nm
Cam tensioner  16NM

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Customer Reviews

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Great product!

Now my Street Twin has new live- the engine pulls up to the red line! Now it's time to add second front disc brake couse it drives like T120!
Highly recommended!

Barry Davy
An upgrade worth doing.

I’ve owned my Street Twin for around 4 years and 6000 miles. Perfect for urban riding and a bit of bimbling around country lanes but when it comes to more open roads I always felt it was underpowered, especially after completing the Malle Rally Lands End to John O’Groats run in 2020, a distance of 2021 miles. I knew of the TEC camshaft, had spoken to George Milburn at the Stafford show and watched the TEC vids. I finally took the plunge and my local Triumph dealer fitted the new camshaft last week.
I could feel the difference as soon as I rode out of their carpark. A touch more urgency and acceleration, even at low speeds. It’s still early days and I’ve not pushed it yet. George says give it around 300 miles ‘running in’. My Triumph tech said ‘Don’t bang it off the rev limiter and you’ll be fine’. So I’m erring on the side of caution but can’t see that lasting 300 miles. There is a significant increase in power and I can feel there is more to come, when I can no longer resist the urge to open the taps I’ll find out for sure but I’m very glad I made the switch. My bike is also fitted with TEC end cans and a Motone X-pipe, which together (according to George) should give a useful 10+ increase in bhp.
Interestingly, my dealer advised removing the fuel booster plug I’d fitted some time ago. He said, from experience (they’ve fitted 6 or 7 TEC cams), the bike runs better after the cam swop without the fuel booster. I was never convinced the fuel booster made much difference (yes, I did make sure the sensor was away from engine heat) but the bike definitely idles more smoothly now and doesn’t feel like it’s about to cut out.
The TEC camshaft is well worth fitting, you won’t be disappointed!

Radim Vaněk
Camshaft, De-CAT, Fuel booster

Velká spokojenost. Rychlá doprava, výborně zabaleno, kvalitní zpracování dílů.

Luke Woods - Blackbeard Bikes
Puts the race back into Café Racer

2017 Street Cup: Fitted Cam, X Pipe Vance and Hines pipes with Baffles out, DNA filter and deleted the snorkel - all this was less than a day's work and has made a huge difference - a noticeable increase in torque and low end power around 3-4,000 RPM and has really added to top end power IE 5-600 RPM right until rev limiter.
This bike not only has HT or High(er) Torque engine but now also HP or Higher Power engine right until red line in top gear and of course that means higher speed. Has improved the bikes sound - added a WAAAP to the BRAAAP to making a glorious BWAAAP while still not sounding anti social loud - highly highly recommended.

Linda Brown
t 100 de restrict cam.

I have just had the x pipe and cam fitted to my bonnie T100. The bike is transformed, it has livened it up through the entire rev range.I also fitted the booster plug, I have none of the popping on the over run like some others have reported. The sound is much nicer without being too loud. Over all the result is fabulous, just as described on the vidio.