Camshaft (de restrict) 900cc early type Street Twin/ Street Cup/ T100 water cooled

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Check your bikes VIN number and make a note of the final 6 digits.  If your final 6 digits are numerically lower than the below numbers then the cam will fit.


Water-cooled T 100 – all VIN numbers up to VIN 818589

Street Twin – all VIN numbers up to VIN 818609

Street Cup – all VIN numbers up to VIN 818597

This cam has been designed by us to de-restrict the 900cc motor.  Made exclusively for TEC in ENGLAND from CNC machined steel billet and fully heat treated for maximum durability . Fully covered by manufacturers backed 12 month warranty. £300 plus VAT.

The cam is now perfectly matched to the motor for road use with no loss of bottom end torque and a progressive power curve with increased performance and still has the same MPG.

Your bike will still comply to euro 4 if no other changes are made and no remap of the ECU is required.

We do recommend that you check to see if you have the latest map update from Triumph on your bike as they run much better with this map – cam fitted or not.

This cam cannot be used in bikes with higher VIN or Street Scrambler, These bike use triumph cam T1147042, please see our other cam listing for details.

Please watch our video for a full and detailed explanation with dyno charts, see-

The below video gives a guide on how to fit the camshaft:

The video is a guide only and I would suggest using it along side the workshop manual from Triumph or Haynes.

Part numbers:
alternator cover gasket  – T1268765
CAM screws T40 head  – T3053005
Cam tensioner O rings – T3600199 + T3601276
Tightening torques
Cam sprocket screws 22 NM
camshaft bearing carriers 10Nm
Head top cover 14Nm
Alternator cover bolts 10Nm
Cam tensioner  16NM


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12 reviews for Camshaft (de restrict) 900cc early type Street Twin/ Street Cup/ T100 water cooled

  1. George r.

    The cam arrived on the Friday, I fitted it on the Saturday (took me about 4 hours, in the garden, including changing a couple of valve shims. Great video, George) and by the next weekend, the cam was run in. My little bim-zee now revs like a good-un and keeps pulling. It has completely transformed the riding experience.
    It is a bit difficult to sort out what is doing what as the bike now has a K&N air filter, the snorkel removed, a Tec fueling device and a Tec X-pipe. I fitted the air filter first and didn’t notice any difference. Maybe it wasn’t the bottleneck at this stage. Then I fitted the de-cat and the fueling wossname on the same day, so can’t tell what did what, but it certainly felt creamier and made a nice noise. And, on my 70-mile round trip commute into Exeter, it was giving about 72 mpg. No, really. Then I fitted the cam.
    I ran it in for 500 miles, and it gave 81 mpg. Then I started opening the taps. Wow.
    Now it revs! I am 18 again – childish grin, overtake everything, think I’m Barry Sheene.
    Interestingly, I have ridden to Suffork and back today (400 miles), in a hurry, and, 1500 miles after fitting the cam, the info panel is still showing 77 mpg. Much faster, smoother and more economical.
    If you look carefully, on the workbench on the right hand side in the Camshaft Fitting video, you will see George’s magic wand!

  2. Nigel W.

    After already removing the DeCat with an X-Pipe kit and fitting a K&N Air intake filter, I was able to get the Vance and Hines slightly richer ECU map installed by my local Triumph dealer which improved smoother throttle response and faster pick up. What next I asked, so I was keen to unlock further potential from this ‘restricted engine, I mean 55bhp from 900cc, clearly far more potential in there. having used TEC bike parts for my suspension upgrade (very good as well as remarkable value) I was very happy with quality and support provided. I ordered one of the early Cam Kits and set about installing it myself, I followed the TEC video and used a Haynes manual, all went well, taking me a weekend without rushing things. You need to be a decent DIY mechanic but it isn’t that hard just get your iPad charged and do what George tells you.
    Results you ask ? I would say it does what it says on the tin i.e. it delivers on the promise to unlock that extra power without any loss of low end Torque.
    I have now done 2,500 miles using the Cam with no issues whatsoever, if anything it is more tractable than ever at low revs and the torque doesn’t fall away as before on the mid revs 4-5k. At around 4k rpm you really can start to notice the extra urge as you accelerate and it pulls much harder all the way up past 6k now with no drop off towards the red line.
    It transforms the top end rev range, just sat on a motorway at 85 mph (~4,500 rpm) you can overtake fast and hard up to 100mph (5,300 rpm) , previously this was pretty sluggish due to the lack of top end power. It does transform the bike, if you like to push your bike at anything over 4,000 rpm this Cam Kit is a must have addition. It is the best £360 you could spend on your Triumph, trust me this is the performance bargain of the year, don’t waste your money on Vance and Hines pipes etc, just take the plunge and fit the Cam kit 🙂 Plus point, the exhaust note sounds a bit louder with a more aggressive ‘bark’ . . . . sweet music!

  3. B R.

    Hi just wanted to give an update on the Tec camshaft I fitted to my street cup. I’ve now just put on around 400 miles and It has been an amazing addition to the bike. So much more at the top end and no loss of grunt at the bottom. Fuelling hasn’t changed and I can only say it has transformed the bike from one I was thinking of trading in for the 1200 to a definate keeper!

    Thankyou Tec :+1:

  4. Lawrence S.

    I agree with the observations of the previous reviewers. Since the cam was installed I have ridden the bike for 200 miles. Even while running it in it is clear that the cam has transformed the power delivery. Power now continues to build as the revs rise, as it should do. There is also
    An improvement in torque, which extends further into the midrange. Even with the stock pipes, the exhaust note has a harder edge. I’m not a fan of noisy exhausts, but this is a much more satisfying sound. George installed the de-cat X-pipe at the same time. Both modifications are superb and excellent value.
    I also have the rebound adjustable rear gas shocks. They are beautifully made, great value and have significantly improved the rear damping.
    Thanks to George and Tec Bike Parts I’m back in love with my Street Twin.

  5. David W.

    Just got my Street Cup back from the mechanic this morning with the cam installed and rode about 50 km to start the running in period. Even at this early stage the power characteristics are noticeably different after 4000 rpm. The previous flattening of the response between 4 and 5000 rpm has gone and I’m looking forward to working up in revs through the next 600 km. The lovely low end torque remains intact, as promised on the video. Merry Christmas and keep up the great work gents!

  6. PJH

    Does everything promised. Transfomed the street twin waking it up in the mid and upper range. No need to fit any piggy back ECU devices just let the bike idle for 15minites after fitting and the bikes ECU sorts its self out.. The cam looks good quality but dont forget to correctly re shim valves on fitting all eight required on my bike.

  7. PJH

    Cam quality looks great, fitting is straight forward. I had to shim all valves others will vary. Bike feels slightly less strong just off tick over but has woken up through the midrange and now wants to rev properly. You now feel like holding the gears longer that in turn seems to improve the gear shift quality as a nice side effect through shifting at higher RPM. No issues with fuelling just leave the bike idling a couple of times for 15 minutes for the ECU to set itself. This has to be the best mod to your bike. My set up is Remus no cat headers mated to standard silencers

  8. Rob F.

    WOW! After installing the cam and having the bike set up on a rolling road, this thing really scoots! I now have more than enough power! The upper HP increased, as well as the torque. Nice flat torque curve! Pretty impressive!

  9. Simon64ds

    The cam transforms the 900cc liquid cooled engine. It looses nothing at the low end of the rev band and completely removes the strangled feeling at high end. Winner! I wanted to give it a proper test before writing a review and, having just come back from a hugely enjoyable week in the mountains of northern Spain, I can’t find any downside at all. The fuel economy has stayed the same (or even improved slightly) which is a neat trick, George. This is, undoubtedly, the cam that the bike should have had all along.

    The 2019 models of Street Twin and Street Scrambler claim an extra 10 horsepower over the early bikes, but Triumph insists that they didn’t change their cam design. So, how well could one go with a decent camshaft? Ooooh! Tempting..

  10. Kevin

    Finally got my cam installed on my Street Twin just in time for winter here in Australia. I’ve taken my bike to the dealer every winter complaining that it won’t idle in the cold; however today with my new cam shaft when it was 2° fired right up and idled smooth as butter on the first go. Well worth the money.

  11. Peter

    I have a 2017 Street Twin. I’m a performance person. I try to get as much power out of every motorcycle I own. When I bought the bike the first thing I did was remove cat. I installed a Free Spirits X pipe. Then I put on a K&N air filter and a Vance and Hines US spec exhaust. All good improvements but I wanted more. Over the winter time I put on a booster plug and had the TEC camshaft installed by my mechanic. The bike was good before now it is great. This thing has really made the bike more lively. The midrange has increased by a lot and In second gear it wants to wheelie now. On some hilly roads that I used to have to down shift from 3rd to 2nd it chugs right up the hill no problem. Triumph should have made the bike like this right out of the box. Great improvement highly recomended

  12. Jeffrey K. (verified owner)

    Exactly as per product description.. video assisted installation very thorough.. impressed

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