Alloy Gas Shocks for Street Scrambler / Street Cup / T100 / T120 Bonneville 2016. 15 x Way Adjustable Damping/Adjustable length feature


TEC  All alloy piggyback gas shocks with adjustable damping to fit Street Scrambler /T100/ Street Cup 900cc / T120 1200cc from 2016 onwards.

Available in 2 different colourways.


Featuring triple rate progressive springs, adjustable length from 350-392mm (see pictures) between centres and 35mm range of adjustment on spring pre-load.  Comes with ‘click’ Adjustable rebound damping. These units also feature longer than standard (80mm) travel.

Supplied with springs for average weight rider 70-100KG. We can also supply them with lighter or harder springs.

The new 2016 range of Triumphs do have better rear springs, but they are still underdamped in our opinion.

Not only do these units look great they have improved damping performance and are lighter than the original units.

Shocks are supplied ready to fit will all necessary parts included

Comes with detailed instructions.

Order 1 x item at checkout and you will receive 2 x shocks , 2 x extenders, and an adjustment spanner


Customer Reviews

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Ben Fulford
Worth it. ‘Nuff said.

These are an incredible upgrade from standard springs. I got the heavier duty springs as I ride with pillion and gear - but had to get these swapped in by a professional suspension mechanic as they came additional to the standard spring set. Adjustable dampening is great, smooth progressive springs over the rough roads in Aus due to a year of rain. We don’t just ride on the left in Aus, we ride what’s left of the roads! Delivered to Aus in 10 days.

Marc Bradford
Rear shocks upgrade.

Good quality product, excellent value for money. Very easy to fit and a great scale for adjustments. Great company support too.

More refined and no more “boingy boingy"

My reason for buying the TEC Alloy Shocks for my Triumph Bonneville T120 (2016) was to try address what I describe as the “boingy boingy”, the bounciness I experienced when riding some of our UK roads where the surface is uneven and has lots of repairs or pot holes. I found that the bike would just sort of start bouncing around, hard to describe but you probably know what I mean(?), the “getting out of shape”?

Fitting the new rear shocks was easy and has greatly improved the handling. I would not say it’s a “transformation” like some, it’s still a Bonneville, it’s not transformed into a Street Triple or some such bike, but it is definitely much better, even more so now I’ve “run in” the springs and applied some pre-load. When the road gets rough the bike is more stable and does not get “out of shape” on good roads it feels really good.

I think weight of the rider plays a significant part, a friend has a T120 and is only 75kg, he has no problems with his bikes suspension, unfortunately I’m 95kg, I think that 20kg extra making a big difference.

The shocks look good on the bike, I thought they might look too modern on the classic Bonnie, but they look perfectly in keeping. They also look well made. So for the price they are very good value and I have no qualms in recommending them. You could get Ohlins at 4 or 5 times the price but would you notice the difference? I doubt it, and after all it’s a Bonneville not a sports bike.

I also fitted the progressive front fork springs, I noticed less difference with these but I had already fitted the rear shocks. However so impressed am I with the rear shocks I think I will buy the TEC fork preload caps so I can pre-load the front springs a little which I think will improve things a little more.

Many thanks TEC Bike parts!

Anthony Clarke
Lovely bit of kit

Bought these for my T120. Did not really need them for myself, they were for my pillion and they have certainly improved the ride for her. Extremely easy to fit even for an idiot like me. Great price and great delivery.

Barry Johnson
Handling upgrades

I bought the rear shocks, fork springs with adjusters, footrests and leavers. Helpful advice service before I bought and very quick delivery. Easy to fit in a morning and first impressions are very positive. The bike (Street Cup) feels more planted and refined and corners harder than before as the bounciness from the front has gone. Very pleased with the fit and finish, well made and a very reasonable price in my view. Already considering my next purchase now the bike handles better. Thank you.