All alloy gas shocks Scrambler 900cc, 15 x Way Adjustable Damping/Adjustable length feature

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TEC TRIUMPH SCRAMBLER 900cc, All Alloy Piggyback Type Gas Shocks with 15 way Adjustable Damping and Adjustable Length

Available in silver/black spring or all black
Our TEC alloy gas shocks with up-rated road damping and unique length adjustment range.
Allowing the bike to be lowered, raised or run at standard ride height.
Features include –
All alloy construction.
Full re-build able
Gas filled for consistent damping
Black powder coated Triple rated progressive springs.
35mm pre-load spring adjustment,adjusting C spanner included.
Adjustable length feature from 335mm to 375mm between mounting centers.
Detailed instructions are provided.
Harder and softer spring options available on request.
Work’s great with our progressive fork spring kit
12 Month Warranty

17 reviews for All alloy gas shocks Scrambler 900cc, 15 x Way Adjustable Damping/Adjustable length feature

  1. Steve D.

    Brilliant bit of kit at a good price…

  2. Alastair K.

    Completely improved the quality of the ride. The adjustable damping is absolute quality

  3. Michel F.

    Had some quick delivery and a great service , shocks are fabulous!

  4. Tschage I.

    Hey guys,thanks a lot for quick delivery,but here in germany its still wintertime,so i havent got a chance to test the things.
    As soon as the bikeseason starts,i assemble the parts on my scrambler and test it,but i am allready shure,they will work properly,anyway,you get a feedback from me.

    Best regards


  5. Jerome S.

    Great advise, quality and massively improved the handling. The feel over a pothole is like night and day. And feels more planted on the turn in. What’s great over and above the improved handling is that with all the adjustments you can change the geometry to suit, slightly lower and the bike is slower on the way into a corner. Absolutely a must have upgrade for any Hinkley twin. Great. Also have the stand, rear rack and front progressive springs. All Excellent.

  6. James R.

    These are easy to fit and make a huge difference to the ride quality, very impressed. Way better under acceleration and soaks up bumps with ease. Cant recommend enough. Only criticism would be that a guide to help set up the dampers would be useful, but that is minor.

  7. Alex b.

    Fitted these shocks recently and as with all the parts from TEC the quality of the part is outstanding. Easy to fit instructions and fantastic customer service. After only riding a hundred or so miles I cannot believe the difference in the ride quality from standard shocks. Feels so much smoother and much more enjoyable to ride. I would recommend these shocks to anyone with a triumph twin.

  8. Philip W.

    Great shocks and fork springs! Forks feel more plush now and the ride height adjustability on the shocks helps the handling a treat.

  9. Rizz

    Get these for your bonneville, better looking, slightly longer black spring than the shorter bonneville one’s, if you don’t want the option to lower by using the 30mm extender to give you a 335mm seamless shock, only 5mm shorter than 340mm oem shock.(The spring is larger even with the overall shock length being 5mm shorter ) Further adjustment with 15 x way damping rocker to speed up or slow down the return speed of the shock. Well made, great looking and performing. Fantastic advice, support and service from George, very happy and impressed, no mean feat in this day and age, a company that does what it says on the tin!

  10. Per S.

    TECs are great! A whole new driving experience, on gravel roads they make the rear end feel so much more controllable.
    The front end got more handling with TEC progressive springs.

  11. REVERB M.

    Great product representing terrific value. Good adjust-ability and a huge improvement over stock item. Nice people to do business with too.

  12. Bernd T.

    At the end of last year I bought a pair of the tecbike gas shocks because of the recommendation from delboys garage (a youtube-blogger).
    Until now I haven’t done a lot of kilometres with the new suspension, so I can’t say that much. But it is a big difference to the original ones who are just trying to kill your back.

  13. cristiano

    does this fit to a Bonneville SE?thanks

  14. terence h.

    Good quality easy to fit a much improvement on original fitting

  15. O’Toole M.

    Found the shocks easy to fit and allowed me to raise the rear up from 330mm to 350mm whilst keeping the look of the bonnie…could have gone higher but found it enough – coupled with the front progressive springs it is a much better ride. Tec’s George was very helpful with any questions and resolved a spacer issue I had with excellent customer service.

  16. Norman H.

    Gas shocks 15 way not fitted yet realy good quality stunning looking shocks also got fork springs & 19T front sprocket still few more bits on the list

  17. Gareth Dean (verified owner)

    Fantastic customer service, answered my many questions, great value suspension and simple installation. Highly recommended.

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