Flare Indicators – Pair of LED E-mark Alloy indicators


Fitting new indicators rapidly changes your bike’s look.  Especially since most manufacturer’s stock indicators look cheap.

All of our lamp bodies are made from all metal alloy construction, not plastic like most. This gives them a quality look and feel, as well as being very durable.

Classic design but in a smaller package, for a less obtrusive look.

This set of universal indicators come with a clear lens (yellow light).

Price is for a pair of indicators.


When changing from bulbs to LED indicators, you may need to change the flash unit or add resistors to get the required flash rate.  We supply resistors separately.  Please note Triumphs from 2016 onward, you can adjust the flash rate via the dashboard.

These indicators have been designed to be used with our tail tidies.  Can also be used on many bikes when using our range of mounting brackets/wiring adaptors.  Please see model specific listings for these.

The specifications for these indicators are as follows:

Lens diameter – 30mm

Length/depth of indicator – 45mm

M8 Mounting

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Liz George
Excellent value for money

I love the new indicators! Excellent and prompt service from Tecbikeparts as well as helpful advice on suitability, extras required etc.


perfekt parts. thanks

David McGuire
Small lights, but extremely bright…

I bought two sets to tidy up the front and back. The existing 2021 Bonneville lights are like something off of an aircraft carrier, truly gigantic and make the rear end in particular took untidy. These are easy to fit, although I did have to change the connectors twice (thank you Triumph for using two different sets of connectors). These are tiny and when not on are very unobtrusive. Once you indicate though, very bright and clear as they are leds. Hyper flash wasn’t a problem as Triumph had thought of this and I adjusted it through the bike’s display. Cheap by comparison to other brands, but don’t feel it. They’re not plastic, some kind of metal and have a genuine heft to them. Overall I’m very pleased.

Bob Jack

Received indicators quickly. On opening the boxes flashers felt solid construction. The flashers were easy to fit; they just had to change the connectors as they are incompatible with RE Meteor 350. but was easy to do as I have the equipment to do this. Fitted a LED compatible flasher unit from a well-known site (was unable to find one on TEC). Very happy with the outcome and look will just have to wait to see how long they last.

Alan Ions
Flare Indicators

Great little items. Substantial and robust build quality...easy to fit with a nice bright light from such a small unit...changed the look of the bike completely...and a great price